If you are aware of the last few years’ social media trends, you would have known about TikTok and its progress. But is this platform beneficial for bloggers and brands? Let us know more about it in this blog.


TikTok is a social media platform containing many short-form videos getting uploaded into it. Videos on this channel comprise duets, lip-syncing, education, entertaining, promotional, advertising, and marketing videos. Like Instagram and Facebook, users could like, comment, and share videos on TikTok. The user could also follow other users to see more of their content if they want it. ByteDance introduced the application into the china market under ‘Douyin .’And then arrived the entry of TikTok into the worldwide market. TikTok and Douyin are two similar applications owned by a single Chinese company. However, they run separately due to various restrictions imposed on china-based applications. Due to the growing popularity of TikTok, many users even opt to buy TikTok likes to advance their reach.

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Leveraging TikTok For Business

As a brand or blogger, TikTok provides the best space to create and share content with a large community of audience. Brands could expose their products to the end-users by creating enticing content on TikTok related to the product. The content could be an instructional video, customer feedback video, etc. As a brand, you could also adapt to the trends and keep changing your content for the users to like. Youngsters are a significant population in the current internet world, so to grab the attention of those youngsters, you should initially know them. It would be best if you created an excellent connection to build a good relationship.

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Bloggers can use TikTok as a great promotional tool for their brand or content when it comes to bloggers. Social media apps do not drive much traffic. Instead, they expose your content to the public. If you are trying to boost your traffic, you can also try out Tikviral which helps you strengthen your exposure. You can add a link that will direct them to your product site. This allows bringing in viewers to your brand. Even if it is not a place to drive traffic, it is a space to make your content reach. You can also change the URL accordingly to promote various products and drive more sales.

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Pros Of TikTok For Brands And Bloggers

Every application has its pros and cons. So now, let’s get started with the pros of TikTok for brands and bloggers online.

1. The User Base Is Overgrowing, So Strike When It’s Hot!

TikTok is undergoing extreme growth, so now is the right time to jump in and start. Since its launch, the application has shown significant progress by all means. Meanwhile, it also provides a lot of advancements to make your customer feel comfortable using the application. So by getting into the application right now, you can gain a massive following before it gets heavy. In addition, you will have more chances to grow within the application if you begin early.

2. Fun, Instant, Off-The-Limits!

Unlike other applications, TikTok provides space for unedited videos that are less polished. So you need not worry about producing only rich-quality videos. Just go through eh application thoroughly and then start creating. It is suggested to develop videos between 9-15 seconds in the initial stage. It is because people do not watch long-duration videos. They like it short and crisp. So beginning with shorter videos would make it easy for the users to watch and enjoy them. You don’t have to be intimidated about creating content on TikTok due to its short duration nature.

3. Potential to become viral

TikTok has the fullest potential to make your content go viral among various other social media platforms. This app provides the opportunity to experience the “easy” viral option. Produce engaging content because harmful content will only perform poorly no matter which app it gets posted to. The” For You Page” option in TikTok is the most effective tool for making the content viral. This page is the place where a lot of people search for posts on various niches. So when you post content on TikTok, it pushes your content to the For You page and becomes visible to many people. This is how the content on TikTok goes viral faster than any other social media channel.

4. Live Streaming Feature

After hitting more than 1k followers, you will get access to the live streaming feature. This is another ample opportunity to connect with your audience. For instance, you can go on a live and talk about many exciting things. You can have a Q&A session with your viewers. It will develop better communication between you and your audience. Simply going on live will not help you interact. It is vital to come up with good ideas before going on a live. You are free to invite a friend of yours into your live. Even that would make a lot of people watch your live because your friend’s followers could also watch you going on live.

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We hope that this article gave you a better idea about TikTok and how brands and bloggers remain beneficial from this application. It is your own decision to leverage the application. We are just giving insights that will help you decide better. Hop in to know more!

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