Over 75 institutes in the UK offer an MS in Data Science as a course-based postgraduate degree. A full-time degree takes one year to finish, whereas a part-time program takes two years to complete. An overseas student should expect to pay between 23,000 and 25,000 GBP per year for a full-time master’s degree in data science at a UK university. For an Indian aspirant seeking to pursue data science degrees in the UK, this equates to 23.6 to 25.7 lakhs INR per year.

Why should you study data science in the United Kingdom?

According to the Royal Society’s Dynamics of Data Science Skills research, as the volume of data collected by various organizations grows, so does the demand for data science graduates, particularly in the United Kingdom. Data science has become one of the most in-demand master’s degrees in the UK due to rising demand.

  • In the last five years, the need for Data Scientists and Data Engineers has surged by 231% in the United Kingdom.
  • AI, Data Analytics, and allied initiatives will get a total of 13 million GBP in funding.
  • A 45 million GBP investment in 200 Ph.D. programs in AI and associated subjects has been made, implying that the future of Ph.D. programs in AI and related fields such as data science, big data, and so on in the UK is brighter than it has ever been.
  • The average pay for Data Science graduates has risen by 5%, from 50,800 GBP in 2013 to over 116,000 GBP now.
  • The UK is one of the top study places for data science courses because it is home to AI and Big Data driving firms like DeepMind, Benevolent AI, Oxbotica, and FiveAI, as well as the Alan Turning Institute.
  • In a report published by the Royal Society, the largest increase in salary for Data Engineers in the UK was found to be 35 percent.

MS in Data Science: What is it About?

This program also focuses on putting the data that has been extracted to good use for the company or client. Students who pursue a master’s degree in data science in the United Kingdom gain in-depth knowledge and skills in computational data analysis, machine learning, statistical principles of data analysis, insightful large-scale data analysis, ethical issues in the application of data science techniques, and initiating independent data science projects. Read Data Science Questions and Answers for more details.

Masters in Data Science in UK Costs

Pre-arrival costs, tuition fees, and cost of living are all charges that students wishing to study abroad must pay. The cost of numerous applications, tests, and other expenses incurred prior to arriving in the United Kingdom are included in the pre-arrival expense. Tuition fees and the cost of living in a foreign country are significant factors to consider. Before applying for data science courses in the UK, you should be familiar with them. The specifics of the scenario are as follows:

Pre-arrival Cost

Students must pay a few one-time fees before being accepted into the university. Pre-arrival costs are the umbrella term for all of these costs. The following is a rough estimate of the costs that an overseas student would incur while pursuing a master’s degree in data science in the United Kingdom:

Type of ExpensesCost in GBPCost Equivalent to INR
UCAS Application Fee20 (for one course)2,028
IELTS Registration Fee17517,749
TOEFL (iBT) Registration Fee161 – 25316,330-25,660
UK Student Visa Fee32232,655
Airfare439 – 55044,520-55,780

Tuition Fees for Masters in Data Science in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the average yearly tuition rate for universities offering master’s degrees in data science is between 23,000 and 25,000 GBP. The annual tuition price for a master’s in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh is the highest in the UK, at 32,500 GBP. For Indian students, this price is comparable to 33 lakhs INR every year.

Cost of Living in the UK

Accommodation, transportation, meal costs, and other personal expenses are all included in an international student’s cost of living in the United Kingdom. The following table shows the living costs at some of the most well-known universities in the United Kingdom:

UniversityCost Per Annum in GBPCost Equivalent in INR
Kings College of London15,00015.21 lakhs
University of Manchester12,83513 lakhs
University of Bristol9,000 – 14,4969.13-14.7 lakhs
University of Glasgow12,36012.53 lakhs
University of Birmingham11,100 – 12,60011.25-12.77 lakhs
University of Southampton14,48414.68 lakhs
Lancaster University13,86014.05 lakhs
University of Sussex7,488 – 13,6207.59 to 13.81 lakhs

Work-While Studying in the UK

Have you been denied a scholarship? Don’t be concerned!!! While enrolled in any course at a UK university, you will be granted a work visa to work part-time. Depending on the course structure you’ve been accepted to, you’ll be able to work roughly 20 hours each week.

Restaurant workers, Online Customer Service, Tutoring, Freelance Creative writers, and Research Lab assistants are some of the most common part-time occupations in the UK. You can also use university amenities such as the cafeteria and library.

Working part-time can earn you up to 115 GBP per week on average, which can help you with your personal costs to some level.

Internships: If you are good at your studies and have good semester grades, you can easily apply for internships at some of the best automotive, aerospace, or power plant companies in the UK, which may pay you well and let you stay in the country.


Aside from attractive median incomes and up-and-coming business giants in data science and analytics, the United Kingdom has another advantage. To close the gap between high demand and inadequate supply, businesses have begun to collaborate with educational institutions to develop programs in related fields. With attractive earnings on offer, the United Kingdom will ensure that you do not leave without a data science job. Skilled labor is in high demand in many countries, making a master’s in data science in the United Kingdom a worthwhile investment.

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