Easy Guide to Android TV Com Setup

Cable TV has the advantage of being ready to use, which is one of its best features. You are on your own when it comes to setup when you cut the cord and choose to use an androidtv.com setup. You require my simple Android TV setup instructions because of this.

While every Android TV box is unique and will have somewhat different hardware and android tv.com/setup instructions, there are a few basic setup guidelines if your new TV box runs the Android operating system.

Guides for setting up Android TV are not hard to find

The majority of TVs even come with user guides that you can visit androidtv.com/setup. But the majority of these instruction manuals are difficult to understand. No worries—the majority of Android TVs have a standard setup procedure, and we’re here to assist.

Setting up an Android TV: Requirements

  • To completely configure your new Android TV, you would first need a Wi-Fi connection and a Google account. You would require the additional equipment listed below if yours didn’t come with Android TV OS out of the box:
  • A television or monitor that supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection and has HDMI ports (HDCP)

an HDMI cord (your new Android TV usually has one inside its box)

  • a portable Android TV gadget

Starting off, let’s switch on your Android TV and pair its remote. Now, pairing a remote differs depending on the Android TV. But typically, you only need to switch on your linked TV or monitor in order to use these. To continue the pairing process, just adhere to the on-screen directions. When the pairing is successful, a checkmark will appear on the screen.

Android phone setup instructions for Android TV

Await the TV announcement that says, “Set up your TV using your Android phone.” Select “Yes” with the TV remote.

Open the Google app that has already been installed on your Android device.

Simply enter “Set up my device.” Follow the detailed instructions until you come across a code. Verify that the code displayed on your TV matches the code displayed on your phone.

Once your Android phone has discovered your TV, you can tap its name.

Setting up an Android TV with the remote

  • Once your Android TV starts playing, use your remote to select “Skip.” “Can you connect your Android phone to your TV?
  • Make sure you have an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection. The need to wait for system updates may arise.
  • Select “Sign in” when any updates have been downloaded and installed.
  • To log into your Google Account, use the remote control of your Android TV.

Setting up Android TV with a computer

  • Once your Android TV starts playing, use your remote to select “Skip.” “Can you connect your Android phone to your TV?
  • Check to see if your computer or smartphone is currently linked to a modem. After selecting “Sign in” on your Android TV, use your PC.
  • Go to your Google Account and log in.


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