A bathrobe is a piece of comfort. And in a silk bathrobe, you can feel not only comfortable but also stylish and seductive. The main thing is to choose a bathrobe of a suitable style from high-quality material.

Do you prefer natural or synthetic silk?

Synthetic silk bathrobes have a very attractive look and are also worn for a long time and do not shed. Their main advantage is their low cost. If you have a modest budget but want to look good, you can choose a Chinese silk robe. The stores offer a huge variety of styles. Choosing a bathrobe according to the figure of a suitable color, you will look irresistible. The only drawback of synthetic fabric is that your skin will not be able to feel the coolness and pleasant feeling that real silk gives.

There are times when a bathrobe is needed at one time to create an image for some occasion. The synthetic will be just right. If funds allow, treat yourself and replenish your wardrobe with a chic thing – a dressing gown made of natural silk. In such a dressing gown you will not feel the heat, but only a pleasant coolness.

Silk is an environmentally friendly material, it does not cause allergic reactions, so it is suitable for people with very sensitive skin. In addition, there are research data that confirm that natural silk threads have antiseptic properties, improve blood microcirculation, and even have a rejuvenating effect.

A silk bathrobe is very nice to put on in the summer after a shower. Worn on a wet body, natural silk has an additional spa effect on the skin. It absorbs moisture well, allows the skin to breathe, and keeps it soft.

The high price of a silk robe is not always a guarantee that it is made from natural silk. In order not to become a victim of deception, it is necessary to set fire to a thread of fabric. If you smell a burnt bone, you have natural silk in front of you. If it smells like burnt paper or plastic, then the silk is not natural.

What style of bathrobe to choose?

A kimono is considered universal – a dressing gown with wide knee-length sleeves. Such a dressing gown will help to hide some figure flaws and will suit any woman. You can also meet guests in a kimono.

For women of short stature with rounded shapes, it is better to opt for a long dressing gown in a dark shade, which will make the figure visually taller and slimmer.

Transparent or translucent robes decorated with lace look especially fancy. Such robes can be both very long and obscenely short.

A plunging back robe will make you feel comfortable and attractive at the same time. Wearing a silk robe of any style, you will understand why it is so expensive and has not lost its popularity for several centuries.


If you want to choose the right ones. Make sure you follow the guidelines given here and make a good choice.