There are quite a several eyeglass models on the market today. In such a situation, any person can choose the option that suits him and adorns his face. However, when choosing glasses, you need to know and consider several rules on how to choose the right glasses for vision, the observance of which will help you make a successful purchase that will suit you in all respects.

Often, consumers pay a lot of attention exclusively to the frame of glasses, devoting less time to choosing lenses. The consumer should not forget that no beautiful frame will save glasses if the lenses in them are of poor quality. Poorly fitting lenses can result in nausea, headache, and blurred vision. Glasses with such lenses are most often sold on street stalls.

How To Choose the Right Eyeglass Lenses?

The required lens parameters can only be determined by an ophthalmologist. Today, there are specialists not only in clinics but also in modern opticians. The doctor, after conducting an examination, will find out which refractive index is typical for you. The higher it is, the thinner lenses will suit you. There is a pattern: the thinner the lenses, the less distortion the face undergoes.

There are 2 types of lenses depending on the material from which they are made, these are plastic and glass lenses.

  • Glass lenses are harder and heavier, but they are less prone to mechanical damage. True, today plastic lenses have a special coating, which makes them more durable. In any case, the choice of which lenses to prefer is yours. Consider the advantages of each material to make the right choice.
  • Plastic lenses are about twice as light as glass lenses. Therefore, glasses with such lenses are better tolerated if you need to wear them for a long time. Plastic does not break into small pieces, which makes it less traumatic.

Glass lenses are better suited for optical glasses than plastic lenses because they have a higher refractive index. In addition, the strength of glass lenses is higher, which leads to the fact that at the same diopter glass lenses will be thinner, flatter, and more elegant.

How to choose the right eyeglass frame?

However, when choosing glasses, it would be wrong to rely solely on the choice of glasses. Equally important is the aesthetics of the glasses. The right choice of fashion frames will make the face more attractive. You should only shop glasses with the right frame as they will be comfortable to wear. An important factor in choosing a frame is the material from which it is made. Frames can be metal, plastic, or a combination.

Plastic frames are cheap, but thinner and lighter than other frames. If you prefer plastic frames, keep in mind that Kevlar and nylon frames are the most durable.

For the manufacture of metal frames, hypoallergenic nickel-free alloys are used. Such frames, like plastic ones, can be of various shades and shapes.

The alloys that are used in the manufacture of metal glasses make them light and soft. They are stronger and thinner than plastic ones. Many consider metal-framed glasses to be more fashionable and stylish.

Recently, eyeglasses have become an integral part of the image of a businessperson, so the frames began to be made from alloys of such precious metals as palladium, osmium, and gold.


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