Motorbikes have been around for centuries now. But they have transformed big time into various types of motorbikes. Let’s check out the various types of motorbikes which you can get:


After some thought, we moved this type of motorcycle into a separate category. The fact is that for many years the dispute about how the chopper differs from the cruiser has not ceased. And people often confuse these two types of motorcycles, and bikers, meanwhile, only wince from such conversations.

Choppers are not serial. This feature is simply missed by those who do not ride a motorcycle. A cruiser, if you will, is a shiny chrome monster that, with the right muffler, can make such a roar (read “gentle rumble loved by any biker”) that the rest of the bikes nervously smoke on the sidelines.

Often, they have an old-fashioned design, which is guessed in cars from many companies with a long history. Having a 250cc motorcycle is really a benchmark for a proper biker. So, make sure you enjoy your time with it. Choppers are basically custom bikes. You can recognize them by the extended front fork. Everything superfluous was removed from the car, only the most necessary things remained.


Lightweight and agile motorcycles for off-road riding. Much loved by youth and car thieves in third world countries. On ordinary roads, they will be boring, and this is useless: the wheels of cross-country motorcycles need dirt, dust, and earth. Pretty specific devices for those involved in motorsports.


This is a kind of sport bike, only it is considered more street, especially in our realities. It weighs less, the steering angles are larger, since the development of huge speeds is not expected, and the emphasis is more on maneuverability.

On the streets, a special subspecies of bikers like to do tricks, who sometimes have nothing to do. Engaging in stunt riding is a big risk. The Street is easy to put in the “wheelie” position (on the rear wheel), and you can also burn rubber beautifully, showing off to the girls. True, often such tricks end sadly.

We will not mention the rest of the classifications of motorcycles, such as dragsters, custom, bobbers, and other baggers – all these modifications are intended for those who have been catching the wind behind the wheel for many years. It is almost impossible to get such cars for free sale, they are bought directly from manufacturers overseas.

From what side to approach the choice of a motorcycle?

A motorcycle is not a coffee maker, here in an hour it will be difficult to decide what exactly is right for you. You probably already know yourself. But an unjustified purchase can lead not only to financial expenses, but also to various kinds of injuries, and even worse. No, no one will forbid you to buy a powerful sport bike, but there is a chance that after the first race, after cleaning the seat, you will go to sell it.

First, you need to decide on the size of the driver. An overweight man over 100 kg will not only look ridiculous on a small motorcycle, but he will also simply be uncomfortable on a small car. In this case, it is better to look at classic motorcycles. For people of small stature, small motorcycles are suitable as the first means of transportation.


In order not to repeat ourselves once again, let’s say briefly: an experienced motorcyclist always knows what he specifically wants. He has had more than one motorcycle in his collection, as a driver he has already filled himself with a lot of bumps, he feels the road perfectly and controls the bike with his eyes closed and without hands.