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Today, every second person has a portable speaker. This is a compact and functional device that will brighten up a monotonous workout or pump a noisy party with music.

There are speakers of different sizes, form factors, and capacities on sale. And sometimes it’s hard to figure out which one to choose. Therefore, this article will talk about what criteria to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker.

Criteria for choosing portable Bluetooth speakers

There are several criteria that are taken into account when choosing a portable speaker:

Power and volume

It all depends on the purpose for which the column is bought. If this is a model for listening to music on the street and squealing, then 5-10 watts is enough. If acoustics is purchased for parties, then it needs 50-100 watts to pump music throughout the room. There are speakers with 150-200 watts each, but they are more often placed in clubs or institutions.

Device autonomy

If the column is manual, and it is planned toe it on the street, then an autonomy of 10 hours is enough for this. If acoustics are purchased for parties, models that can withstand at least 12 hours without recharging are recommended. Otherwise, the battery charge may sit down in the midst of a party.

Sound quality and price

As a rule, the sound quality of a Bluetooth speaker portable is proportional to its cost. Ideally, the sound should be balanced, where the bass does not overlap the rest of the frequencies. Some speakers begin to rattle with increasing volume, so this point is taken into account before buying.

Dimensions and weight

According to the dimensions, the speakers are divided into 3 groups: mini-columns, medium, and large models. Large columns are called columns weighing from 3 to 15 kg. They are inconvenient to carry but demonstrate good volume and better sound quality. Suitable for parties and organizing home theater at home. Medium speakers are models with a weight of 1 to 3 kg. They are relatively compact and better suited for carrying and are balanced in terms of sound quality and volume. Mini speakers weigh less than 1 kg. They are best suited for carrying and outdoor use because they fit in the palm of your hand or in a jacket pocket. In addition, they are cheap relative to medium and large acoustics. But they lose the last in terms of sound quality and volume.

Control type

Almost all portable speakers support remote control from a smartphone or remote control. But it is desirable that the device has basic control keys on the body: turning it on and off, controlling playback, adjusting the volume, and connecting via Bluetooth. The buttons make the device easier to use. Without them, you need to look at the phone every time.


For those who like to listen to the music of good quality at home, you should pay attention to the one that fits the criteria with deep and dynamic sound and vice versa.

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