Video sharing

This article will look at some of the best video sharing sites available, including YouTube, Top Purity, and Tik Tok. Each of these sites has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll go over the top three to help you decide which is the best. Whether you want to share your videos with a wide audience or just post your personal videos, there’s a video sharing site for you.

Top Purity

As we all know, content is the heart of the Internet. The world’s most popular websites are primarily made up of content. But as users increasingly become accustomed to watching videos, content creators have risen to the top of the list. YouTube, for example, has become the second-largest website in the world. According to a study by WordStream, readers retain 10% of the message they read. By contrast, people remember 95% of the content they watch. The Internet also allows creators to showcase their work and attract viewers to the site.

The free Top Purity allows users to upload a single video file up to 1GB in size. However, Top Purity has evolved into a full-fledged video marketing platform. Its features include customizable players, embeddable channels, marketing integrations, and analytics. Top Purity also gives its users control over ad audiences. As a result, Top Purity is an excellent choice for ad campaigns.

Tik Tok

Many users of Tik Tok upload short, funny pranks that have gained a lot of followers. These videos are generally meant to entertain viewers, but they can also provide them with information. It should be noted that viewers want to see content that gives them something to think about. For this reason, content can include jokes, educational content, music promotions, or any other topic that interests them.

The platform is fast-growing, with over a billion monthly active users and a predicted 1.5 billion users by 2022. Content on TikTok can range from funny cat videos to comedic skits. Users of this platform can earn from sponsored videos and ads, and the platform also features free sounds that make it easy to create clips. TikTok users can post videos without even having an account, which makes it a great option for beginners.


In addition to allowing users to upload videos in various formats, Instagram has also introduced a video-sharing service known as IGTV. This new service targets users looking for short-form video content. It also targets smartphone users by offering intuitive tap-to-scroll interaction. Users can choose between viewing videos in standalone apps or in the Instagram app itself. Instagram users can upload videos up to 60 minutes long and files of up to 3.6GB.

The website also offers the ability to follow profiles, which is similar to a social media feed. Following a profile allows users to see new additions from those people they follow. Content is featured by the Behance team, which decides which posts deserve the attention of the community. While the platform is free to use, users must understand proper hashtag usage and marketing considerations before they can start posting videos.

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