We’ve heard your feedback and we understand that many creators were confused about the rules of eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program and video monetization. We’re making changes to help clear up confusion, improve transparency around ad-friendly content violations, increase your ability to appeal an ad review, and allow us to reinvest in attracting an even broader set of brands.

Rules of eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program

Many creators were confused about the rules of eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program and video monetization.

The Important question is: “Are all my YouTube videos eligible for monetization or not?” The answer is no. Only those videos you’ve uploaded with a “Creator” account are eligible for monetization. If you did not have one, go ahead and create one right now . You can check if your video is eligible for monetization by going to Creator Studio, clicking on “Video Manager,” then looking at the bottom of your video’s page. If you see a blue banner that says “Monetize with ads,” then it’s eligible for monetization.

Program for violating our policies.

● They did not understand why their channels were not being monetized or were unable to re-monetize after being suspended from the program for violating our policies

We have a strict set of guidelines and policies that all YouTube partners must follow in order to participate in our partner program. These include:

● Eligibility criteria – You must meet all of these criteria before you can join:

● You need more than 1000 subscribers across your videos;

● Your channel should be at least 1 year old; and

● Your videos must be non-copyrighted content

● You can’t monetize your videos with ads until you have more than 1,000 subscribers; and You must be 18 years old or older. Infringing content – We don’t allow content that infringes someone else’s copyright. If we receive a valid DMCA notice from the rights owner of an audio or video file you uploaded, we will remove it from YouTube.

Temporarily suspend all new applications

In light of this confusion, we made the decision to temporarily suspend all new applications to the YouTube Partner Program. The policy changes will be reversed and existing partners will keep their ability to make money on our platform pending further clarification. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your continued partnership as we work together towards a better experience for everyone.

ad-friendly content violations

In the new system, we’re reimagining a system that offers more transparency around ad-friendly content violations. This includes allowing you to appeal a review and reinvesting in attracting an even broader set of brands. In addition, we’re updating our policies on what content is eligible for monetization. This includes restricting more types of potentially inappropriate content, like predatory behavior and violent/incendiary video. We know advertisers will appreciate the additional safeguards we’ve put in place to protect their brands.

The following changes will take effect at 12:01 am PT on February 1st:

Channels into YPP

We are not reinstating channels into the partner program at this time. This is just a change to our policies and procedures that will allow us to better understand how we can support creators on YouTube around monetization, including ways for them to get more views and clicks without violating our policies. We hope you continue working with us on these issues as we move forward in this new direction together!

Third party ad networks like AdSense.

If your channel is determined to be ineligible for monetization through the YouTube Partner Program, it will still be possible for you to use third party ad networks like AdSense. You have to meet the requirements of these partners and follow their policies on how they handle your content.

If you have questions about this policy or would like more information about how it applies in your situation, please contact us.

For example, if you were previously monetized on YouTube for your videos about knitting but later suspended for repeated violations of our child safety policies, you may still be eligible to monetize on YouTube for content that is advertiser friendly such as knitting tips and tutorials.

The new policy will help creators who have been affected by the change in monetization ennoblement rules by allowing them to continue running ads against their videos. The new eligibility requirements for monetization are as follows:

● You must have fewer than 4000 hours of watch time across all channels within a 12 months (or greater than 50% of all views during any 30 day rolling average over the past 12 months). If you do not meet this requirement, please contact us at with details about how many hours each channel has received during this period so we can determine whether or not they qualify under this provision.*


We hope that this post has given you a better understanding of how YouTube plans to implement these changes and how they will affect your channel. We always encourage our creators to stay informed on all changes, so please share this article with any other creators who may be affected by these new policies.



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