Apple beat Samsung to become the largest smartphone player in the fourth quarter of 2020 due to the iPhone 12 models, the first to have next-generation 5G capabilities. consistent with Counterpoint Research, the tech giant shipped 81.9 million iPhone devices within the half-moon of last year, which helped Apple crush the competition. Another research company, Canalys, came to an identical conclusion.

Apple experienced the rate of annual growth of 14.9%, while Samsung’s sales falls down to 11.8% during the same period. The report also added that across the entire of 2020, Apple enjoyed a modest growth of three .3 per cent, while Samsung’s sales fell by 14.6 per cent.

According to Research, Apple was much loved within the global smartphone market within the fourth quarter of 2020, beating Samsung and Xiaomi. The adoption of the iPhone 12 series, particularly within the US, and therefore the strong sales of the iPhone 11 are a number of the explanations Apple performed phenomenally overflow the last three months of the year

iPhone-12 models is that the first to feature next-generation 5G capability. The tech giant shipped 81.9 million iPhone units within the half-moon of last year, consistent with findings. Apple has also beat Xiaomi. The research says that the acceptance of the iPhone-12 series, especially within the US, and powerful sales of the iPhone-11 are a number of the reasons why Apple has done phenomenally well within the last three months of the year.

IPhone-12 series has helped Apple to earned revenue of $114 billion and sales during the last quarter totalled $65.6 billion, a 17 per cent increase from an equivalent time within the previous year.

iPhone has been sell more than 81.9 million in the last quarter and also showing buyer interest in the iPhone despite to the global pandemic. Apple said there are now quite 1 billion active iPhone, a key milestone for the company.

Samsung, slowed down a bit in Q4 2020. it’s managed to ship 62.5 million units within the last quarter versus iPhone’s 81.9 million units. Analysts say strong sales of iPhone-12 were the rationale why Samsung fell to the amount two spot within the global Smartphone tally within the final quarter of last year.

Huawei’s position fell to the amount sixth spot within the last quarter and the Sales of Smartphone fell to 33.0 million units, a decline of 35 per cent year over year. As a Chinese tech it’s been struggling to survive after the US restricted access to the key components and software that are needed to form a smartphone. Huawei recently sold its Honor phone business to the fledgling Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., a consortium of government-backed companies and partners.

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