8 Things to Think About Before Buying a Recliner

When you think of the perfect recliner, what comes to mind? A big, comfortable leather chair that’s great for unwinding? Something that complements the design of your living space while rocking back and forth?

Everyone wants a comfortable chair to relax in, but many people are unsure how to get one that meets their specific requirements. 

There are a vast number of recliners available. You must consider the purchasing procedure seriously to get the best one for your house. There are numerous factors to consider, from the fabric to the size and cost.

You can buy your desired couch or chairs from several stores Furniture near HoustonIf you’re ready to start shopping for a recliner, check out our recliner buying guide to learn more!

In it, we go through eight of the most important things to consider when purchasing the ideal chair for relaxing.

  • Cost

Price is likely the primary consideration when deciding how to purchase a recliner.

You should remember that a recliner is not just any chair; it is a seat built to be very supportive, comfy, and long-lasting. As a result, a recliner is more technologically advanced and carefully designed than a typical chair you may buy for your living room.

Recliners consequently cost more than typical leather or cloth chairs. Before you start looking natural for a nice recliner, it’s crucial to establish a strict budget because you might easily spend anywhere from $250 to $5,000 on one.

The price of the recliner increases with the number of accessories and high-end functions that come with it. Decide which features are most important to you, then calculate a reasonable price for the ideal recliner. A fair price for high-quality materials and comfortable seating is between $800 and $2,000.

  • Kinds of Recliners

Whatever kind of recliner chairs you immediately picture when you hear the word, dozens of different designs offer various advantages. Review some of the most popular types of chairs before deciding to be sure you’re purchasing the one that best fits your way of life.

  • Two-Position Recliner

The name of this fashion is relatively self-explanatory. The most common type of recliner you’ll see in a store is usually the one with two positions. It is the most restricted type of chair because it only has two positions: straight or fully reclined. The chair back flattens out as soon as the foot lever is released due to your weight.

  • Back-Push Recliner

You don’t want to touch a level or power button to get your chair to recline. A simple push from your back flattens the pushback reclining chair. If you wish to stretch out your legs while unwinding, you should consider that most do not come with a footrest.

  • The Rocker

A rocker recliner, often known as a glider, is a type of recliner with two recline positions: upright and flat. This is an excellent option for those who enjoy being gently rocked to sleep or for parents constantly attempting to calm a small child.

  • The Power Lift

Want a chair that can handle everything for you? Because a power lift recliner is entirely motorized, it can help you get out of the chair and stand up. The most obvious beneficiaries of this kind of recliner are people who are injured, have disabilities, or have trouble standing up by themselves. This type of chair is often one of the more expensive alternatives at most recliner businesses because it has so much technology.

  • The Massage Recliner

Nothing beats a massage chair that kneads, knocks, and vibrates your tired body parts if you want to unwind. Relax in a chair that pays for itself with high-quality massages after a long day of work.

  • The Wall Hugger

Enjoying the advantages of a chair without running out of room in a small place is simple with the wall hugger (or wall saver). When fully reclined, this recliner only requires around half a foot of space from the wall, so you won’t have to worry about scraping up your paint or leaving scuff marks on the wall.

  • Size

After studying the various recliner kinds, you should clearly understand what you want in a new chair.

It’s time to consider how much actual space your new piece of furniture will take up in your home. Take precise measurements of the area in your room to determine what would suit you the best.

It would help to consider what recliner size best fits your body type. Your painful joints and muscles will be relieved of strain to a greater extent if the chair can adapt to the shape and size of your body.

  • Small Recliners

A ” small ” recliner has a width of 39″ or less. It fits nicely in apartments or living rooms with minimum space and is often an appropriate size for petite persons.

  • Standard Recliners

The standard or mid-sized recliner is roughly 40″ broad. This is the standard size you see in furniture stores and fits most body shapes well.

  • Oversized Recliners

Big and tall or oversized recliners measure 50″ or more in width. They occupy more space in a room because they are designed to fit more prominent individuals. To prevent scuffing as the chair flattens out, you’ll need at least one foot and maybe up to three feet of space from the wall.

  • Materials Used

The materials used significantly impact how to buy a reclining chair. Recliners are created from various fabrics in addition to varied colors and styles.

There are advantages and disadvantages to many types of chair materials, even though leather recliners are often the most luxurious and wanted.

  • Fabric Upholstery

Many people like them because fabric recliners are very comfy.

They are made of velvet, cotton, chenille, or other fabrics, and the majority are designed to breathe correctly and provide an excellent location to relax.

  • Leather Upholstery

Leather recliners look fantastic in your home in addition to feeling great. Leather’s sleek, refined appearance instantly increases your chair’s worth.

Additionally, leather is exceptionally durable and straightforward to clean.

Conversely, leather seats are more likely to get scratched than fabric recliners, so you might reconsider this choice if your pets have sharp claws and will be climbing all over your new piece of furniture.

  • Functions or features

  • Glass or Cup Holder

What good is a chair that offers complete relaxation if you can’t set your favorite beverage down?

If you want to unwind genuinely after a long day, you might want to think about a reclining chair with a built-in cupholder.

  • Tray Table

If you want to read, write, or browse the internet in your free time, you should probably pick a chair with a laptop table. By doing this, you’ll be able to enjoy the support of your new chair while working comfortably in any position.

  • Tablet or Phone Holder

Have you had trouble holding your chosen electronic device because your hands and wrists hurt? Find a recliner with a phone or tablet holder that offers multiple viewing options. You won’t have to strain your arms to read your favorite e-book or watch your favorite TV.

  • LED Flex Light

If you need to see something, stop getting up to turn on the light. Choose a recliner with an inbuilt light source to make it simple to change the channel, read, or eat in your armchair.

  • Wireless Battery

This function is helpful for those of you who want to purchase recliners with motorized features.

You might want to spend money on a wireless recliner battery pack if you don’t want to connect the chair to a difficult-to-reach outlet. In this manner, the cord won’t trip anyone up, and you’ll always have power even if the power goes off.

  • Lumber, a head and neck pillow

You’re looking for a chair to help with your neck and back problems.

Then you should add a pillow that is made expressly to offer extra support to certain places. Browse ergonomically designed recliner chair pillows to get the best possible muscle relaxation.

Most can be secured with a simple anti-slip strap that keeps the pillow in place. Find one with your ideal recliner, then place it over the headrest.

  • The ambiance of the room

A few available chairs might help set the mood in a gathering place. You can recreate the excitement and energy of an actual movie theater in the comfort of your own home by using blue LED lights inside the cupholders and along the base rail. The ambiance is crucial if you want a fully immersive movie-watching experience.

  • Ergonomics

A quality recliner should accommodate and support people of all shapes, sizes, and weights. It ought to ideally follow the contours of the body to offer hours of comfort, as well as to reduce tension and weariness.

Test out different seats while you shop for your ideal recliner to evaluate what sort of support they offer. Even the most luxurious seats must offer the correct leg and head support and the lower lumbar support you need.

  • Incliner Mechanism

Although it may seem like a technical matter best left to the specialists, all buyers should know how their recliners function internally.

If you want a high-end chair that makes unwinding even easier, you’ll undoubtedly want a high-end motor system with many reclining choices.

  • Automatic Recline

The chair easily slides into position when you choose a recliner with spring-based manual reclining technology.

  • Motor System

If you choose one with a whisper-quiet motor system, you’ll have more position options and smoother transitions.

Think about the experience you want from your chair and how many options you want from the seat. This might influence your decision when looking for a chair.

  • Skeleton

Another factor to examine is not visible: what is the chair composed of beneath all that technology and material?

The frames of recliners should be built to last longer than typical pieces of furniture. You want something that won’t crack or warp over time.

Try to get recliners with robust steel and hardwood frames. These hold up over time, giving you excellent value for your chair’s price.


Without a specific end in mind, starting your search for the ideal reclining chair is like trying to choose the best vehicle to drive after spending your entire life on foot. Although these chairs are helpful in various ways, they will only increase your comfort if you know your preferred features and designs.

You can buy your desired couch or chairs from several stores of Furniture near Houston like Bien home furniture & ElectronicsKeep these things in mind before you begin your buying spree. You will be happier with your new addition to your house if you give your chair purchase more thought.

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