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Owning a home is a major milestone for many people, but it also often comes with plenty of home improvement projects. From simple screen door repairs to full-on renovations, the task of improving one’s home can be both daunting and exciting. That’s why finding the perfect gift for the 15 Gift Ideas

home improver in your life can be difficult—you want something functional but also enjoyable.


We’ve come up with seven excellent gift ideas for the home improver in your life that

are sure to please and improve their quality of life. Whether you’re looking for tools, décor items, or other gadgets,

we have suggestions that can make any home improvement project more fun and efficient.


Screen Door Repair Kit

A screen door is an essential part of any home, yet it’s often overlooked. When was the last time you replaced yours? The answer is probably never, and the same likely goes for your home improver friend. Why not give them the gift of an entirely new, durable, high-quality magnetic screen door? They’re held together with powerful magnets that allow you to go in and out of them with ease. Not only will this improve the look of your home improver’s house, but it’s functional, too!


Foldable Workbench

The perfect gift for any home improver is the foldable workbench. It’s a must-have for any project, big or small, and it can easily be folded away when not in use;

it makes it an excellent addition to any home improvement arsenal. The best part about is gift is that you can partially customize it to their liking,

depending on what type of material they prefer (wood, steel, etc.), and you could even go as far as to get it engraved with their initials.


Laser Level

Another excellent gift for the home improver in your life is a laser level. Remember those old school levels that were always hard to get right? Not with a laser level! This upgrade to a classic allows you to be even more precise lines instead of creating an accidental slant. These little gadgets might sound fancy, but you can find them at a

starting price of about $30, which is well worth it for the do-it-yourselfer!


Tool Kit

This one seems obvious, but it’s worth including as every home improver deserves a great set of tools. Look for a kit that includes all the essentials, from screwdrivers to saws, so they have everything at their disposal. Each time they grab something from their tool kit, they’ll think of the thoughtful gift you got them!



Like a tool kit, a ladder seems evident, but it’s crucial that every home improver has a high-quality one;15 Gift Ideas

who wants to be climbing up to their roof only to realize their ladder is fallingo out from under them? The dangers an old, poorly-constructed ladder pose are endless,

so give your friend the gift of safety by gifting them a new one. They range in price depending on which style you’re looking for (multi-position,

extension, etc.), so do some research and see what catches your eye.


Tile Cutter

If the home improver in your life is more into DIY interior design projects, consider gifting them a tile cutter; this is a perfect gift for anyone looking to spruce up their home. Tile cutters can quickly and precisely cut tiles into any size or shape imaginable, making it a great addition to any home improvement toolkit. As a bonus gift, you could even help them shop around for some different tile samples to get their DIY creative juices flowing!


Paint Mixer

Similar to a tile cutter, a paint mixer is great for those interior design-lovers. Who wouldn’t want to make their own custom paint color? This handy gadget helps mix multiple colors of paint into one uniform hue, ensuring that your home improver can get the perfect shade each time. You could send along some inspiration photos of different unique paint colors to get them thinking about their next project.15 Gift Ideas



These seven gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to the home improver in your life. From screen doors to a new high-quality ladder, these gifts are sure to make any home improvement project a breeze. So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, these are sure to bring out the best in any home improvement enthusiast.