Toy Boxes

Toy Boxes

Toys are the first best friends of children. They love to play with toys every time. Therefore, they keep toys with them even while sleeping. Most childhood memories are related to toys, that’s why adults also keep their childhood toys with care.

The toys are manufactured in factories on a large scale. If you are one of the toy suppliers, then manufacture such toys that can play a role in creating beautiful childhood memories. Moreover, focus on the quality of toy packaging too.

If you want to design custom boxes for your toys, you must start by measuring the size, length, width, and shape of the toys. After completing measurements, focus on the packaging material of the boxes, and then design these boxes by keeping the following things in mind.

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Consider Children’s Age Range

It is necessary to consider age range because if your toys are for toddlers who can barely read two words, then avoid adding readings that are outside their knowledge range. You can impress these toddlers by adding images that can attract them. On the other hand, if you want to serve a ten-year-old child, then select a packaging that is according to their age understanding, and preference.


A-     Baby Stage

It is a fact that babies observe and crawl around their surroundings and try to chew everything that comes into their hands. That’s why you can make chewable toys and then pack them in uniquely shaped toy boxes of vibrant colors. Moreover, make musical stuffed toys for the crawling babies to keep them busy. Make sure to use FDA-approved materials to make these toys and their packaging. Additionally, avoid adding detachable metal screws or tapes.

B-     Toddler Stage

At the toddler stage, children learn more. They watch cartoons and have specific favorite cartoon characters. Therefore, excite these kids with your custom toy packaging by adding images of their favorite cartoon characters. You can also teach them by adding colors, shapes, counting, alphabets, and also other similar things to the toy boxes. Thus, understand each age group and customize the toy packaging accordingly.


C-      School Stage

School-going children learn many new things. They understand letters, words, and simple sentences. Therefore, they are ready for advanced toys. These children play with Legos, dolls, mini cars, tablets, and also many other toys of such kinds. Impress these children with custom toy packaging boxes. Update toy packaging by adding inserts handles, and window cutouts. Furthermore, print simple words, sentences, famous cartoon characters’ dialogue, or even popular children’s poems on the Custom Printed Toy Boxes to attract kids.


Think Outside the Box

Packaging of toys should not be your only focus, you need to think outside the box. Design packaging that can compete with the market by impressing the buyers and gaining their trust. Design packaging that provides many benefits to the audience.


Make Educational Toy Packaging

Children love to swarm with their toys throughout the house. One minute their toys are perfectly organized in one corner of the house, and once parents blink their eyes, the kids will throw out these toys in each corner of the house. You can solve this problem of parents by providing them with rigid toy storage boxes. Parents can take advantage of these boxes. They will train their children to place their toys in the toy storage boxes after playing. These boxes will help parents in teaching their children how to stay organized. Additionally, parents can teach a lesson about cleanliness to their young children. In this way, toy storage boxes make the learning process very easy.


Customize Christmas Toys Packaging

Christmas is the time of the year when toy sales touch the sky. Many toy shops earn major annual profits within one week of Christmas month. But, these shops don’t easily earn these profits. They focus on the representation of their toys. Only attractive packaging can attract potential buyers. As we are talking about the Christmas toys, design a packaging for these toys that is according to the theme of Christmas. Like you can print white, green, and red color, together with images of Santa Claus on the custom-printed toy boxes. These kinds of boxes are very helpful in boosting sales of Christmas toys.

Focus On Brand Identity

Brand identity is the foremost priority of every business. Therefore, maintain brand identity by choosing custom-printed toy boxes. One can print their brand details like brand name, logo, contact numbers, address, and also other essential details on these boxes. No one remembers your business if you don’t mention your brand name and logo. These details are crucial to make a recognizable mark in public memory.


Maintain Protection of Toys

Toys suppliers face hurdles while shipping their toy products to different regions as their toys get damaged due to the crushing of delicate packaging. Custom toy packaging solves this problem for toy manufacturers and protects toys from any damage. Custom packaging does this so by adding inserts and partitions that prevent the collision of toys with the walls of packaging. Additionally, if your toys are sensitive to dust, moisture, and UV rays, add protective coatings like UV spot, glossy, or matte.

Lastly, choose a sturdy packaging material (corrugated cardboard, cardstock, bux board, eco-friendly Kraft) that has the power to protect your toys from any harmful variable.

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