All Your Questions on LGV Driver Training have been answered!

Have you ever given a thought to a job shift? What about something more official with high pay? Sounds interesting right?

Yes, we are talking about becoming an LGV driver, but to become one you will have to clear your LGV driver training to get the licence.   

As you know that the training is paid and therefore has a certain fee structure.

Let us tell you that you are lucky enough that the government of the UK declared that they will be investing in people to become LGV drivers, and they named it skilled boot camps. 

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This was announced in the year 2021 and the government created the capacity of 11000 training places for the people who are looking for an up-skill or are new or are returning to their LGV driving job. 

Here are a few conditions you need to qualify to enroll for this skills boot camp. 

  • Your age should be nineteen or above.
  • It is mandatory to have a full UK driving licence.
  • You should be self-employed or employed or have been unemployed recently in the past 12 months, or you are getting back to your job after work.

The plus point is that you can get your LGV driver training across England as the boot camps are available everywhere.

People can also receive training by enrolling in courses that are offered locally and paid for by the government’s budget for adult education.

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The initiative was taken by the government with a motive to manage the shortage, lend a helping hand to tackle skills and support people to kick start their new job opportunities in the logistics sector. 

Here are some answers to the questions that most of the population asks before joining the skill boot camps. 

The availability of skill boot camps  

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With tenure of 16 weeks, the course of LGV training in skill boot camps is flexible and free.

The trainees looking for a new job are guaranteed an interview with the local employer after the completion of the training. 

These short and intensive LGV courses will make the trainees’ road ready and will help them to gain their germane certification and licence which also helps the government to deal with the shortage of LGV drivers. 

The eligibility criteria for all  

Some Skills Boot camps have extra eligibility criteria, so verify with your local Skills Boot camp provider. 

There will be a variety of courses available to suit different levels of experience, so if any of the following apply to you: 

  • If require extra HGV qualifications, such as Accord Dangereux Routier (“ADR”) or the Petroleum Driver Passport (“PDP”), you’re interested in beginning new employment in the field.
  • want to go from category C to category C+E of a driving licence
  • are reentering the HGV industry

Charges at the skill boot camp 

As mentioned, skill boot camp is completely free for entitled learners, and you can get your training and spend 0 bucks on it. 

Training course tenure 

Usually, these skill boot camps for LGV driver training don’t last longer than 16 weeks, but you might take time to gain your licence. It completely depends on the test you are required to do.  

Let’s begin with your course. 

So these were some of the basic questions that most people ask before joining skills boot camps.

Though the person has to sign some policies of the company, this skill boot camp is the best for those who want LGV driver training but cannot due to financial problems.

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