In urban areas, popular types of public transportation include taxis, buses, trains, and others. Depending on your location, a particular vehicle may be more appropriate than others to get you to your destination. Having a private car at your disposal is cool because you can go anywhere, anytime you like. But the bike is another popular vehicle among people in the busiest cities and rural areas.

Although considered to be simple transportation instruments, bikes do not only get you from point A to B but also help keep you in shape and healthy. Hence, it’s an investment worth protecting, and a bike shed will be the best place where you can store your bike or bikes. This article is a good read for first-timers who want to know about bike sheds and the different things to be considered before buying one.

Bike Shed – What is it?

A practical storage solution, bike sheds are enclosed, outdoor structures that can be used for storing a bike or two. Popular among people with limited garage or home space availability, these sheds are a secure and convenient way of keeping the bikes outside the house but protected from harsh elements and thieves as the percentage of stolen bikes increases–especially when left unattended and placed inside properties. Prevent this by getting a bike shed where you can store biking equipment and gear.

Various Factors to Consider

First-time buyers will see plenty of options available in the market today. While there are sheds that may cost them thousands of dollars, there are affordable alternatives that can suit their budget and requirements. But before getting into that, it’s necessary to know what factors to consider first to help with the decision-making process.

1. Security

First and foremost on the list is security, as it’s one of the deciding factors to help you in selecting the best shed to purchase. Whether you live in a secure or unsafe neighborhood, choosing one with the highest security is best. The options include wooden, plastic, and metal sheds. And of the three, the strongest are metallic sheds. Wooden and plastic sheds are still helpful, especially with built-in locking mechanisms, and serve as an additional security detail.

2. Storage Capacity

The shed size will also depend on the number of bikes storage. A small-sized one will fit one to two bikes, while a large bike shed is appropriate for people who have a collection of bikes for every member of the family. In addition, one thing to consider in terms of the storage capacity is the size of the bike. Children’s bikes are smaller compared to adult bikes. Hence, it’s vital to measure the dimensions of each bicycle to ensure you purchase the right shed size.

3. Weatherproof Qualities

Bikes left unattended outside the house are not only exposed to the eyes of thieves but also harsh weather elements. The best solution is getting bike sheds. Since you will place it outside the house, you should do proper research to ensure you get a shed that will keep your bike clean and dry. Whether you’re purchasing offline or online, it’s good to check if it’s weatherproof or not.

4. Materials

Aside from shape and size, bike storage sheds also come in various materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and the cost of each shed may influence your choice–if you’re looking for a shed that is easy to assemble and requires little to zero maintenance. Then plastic sheds will be a great choice. If you’re considering customization and aesthetically pleasing sheds, you may opt for sheds made of wood. Metal sheds are worth considering for a bike shed that’s very secure and has less risk of pests and rotting.

5. Accessibility

Another factor to take into account when hunting for bike sheds is accessibility. If you keep multiple bikes in the shed, getting them in and out should be easy. But if you’re finding the task of taking your bike in and out of the shed a little taxing, then it’s time to reconsider and get a new one – preferably one that goes backward and forward instead of sideways. As you scour the Internet or shops, look for a shed that will provide you with easier bike access. Also, make sure that you place the bike shed not far from the house.

Key Takeaways

With plenty of shed options available today, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first-timers. But hopefully, this article will be helpful as you now know the different factors to consider when shopping for bike sheds. It’s OK to take your time because you want to ensure you’re buying the right one. Thanks for reading!







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