Every day we receive emails from visitors who seem to be puzzled about how to choose the Dubai desert safari. We’d like to say that Platinum Heritage offers the best Dubai desert safari, but there is no perfect answer to that question. Instead, ask Safari Inc. a few key questions.

Camp type and number of people:

Most foreign tourists are unaware of the types of camping available and the importance of asking questions.

For those traveling on a budget, these camps are usually more budget friendly and can offer good value. Companies may have no control over hygiene, food quality, entertainment or facilities. The company usually can’t do anything if something goes wrong.

Private Camp

Some safari companies operate their camps, often hosting 500 to 600 guests per night. You could be a good choice if you feel more relaxed in a crowd. The main disadvantages are very crowded deserts, long queues at the buffet and lack of personal service.

There aren’t many, but the available ones offer better service, more customization, and a nicer atmosphere. Couples, well-traveled guests, families and people celebrating special occasions are the best candidates for these.

Here we have 3-4 employees per visitor. Ensures that all your needs , your experience is fully customized, and your privacy and satisfaction are guaranteed. Nothing ruins a special dinner for two like “going to the dunes.”

Safari as a type of driving

Do you like outdoor activities? Are you physically and mentally healthy? Do you have neck or back problems? Do you get motion sickness? Do you like coasters? Are you traveling with young or old travelers? This adrenaline rush is not for the faint of heart, but it’s a lot of fun. However, the adventures are usually short. Sometimes it only takes 10-30 minutes.

These are similar to African safaris and are open to all. Only two companies (yes, Platinum Heritage is one) are able to offer wildlife safaris in the Dubai Desert Reserve, offering the most exciting, safe, and exciting adventures. These trips are generally long and last an hour or more.

Book Through: https://www.dubaidesertsafari.com/

How about dinner?

We all know why eating fast food is cheaper than eating at a fancy restaurant. Please contact us to get the Safari menu. Is the food freshly prepared or pre-cooked? Is the food served by a catering service or by an on-site chef? Should I? Choosing a safari requires the same care and attention as choosing a restaurant. Obviously, the better and higher quality the food, the more expensive the safari will be.


We want to start with this because we believe it is the most important factor in deciding which VIP desert safari is best for you. The most valuable recommendations are always recommendations from friends who share your taste. Plus, check out through websites for honest traveler reviews. Message the reviewers or ask questions. Ask your hotel concierge for advice, but also check if the hotel has contracted suppliers, as they may not be able to provide unbiased advice.



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