Apostilles for UAE by MEA India

In order to authenticate your documents, you need an apostille. Countries that follow the Hague convention accept documents with an apostille. A department of the Ministry of External Affairs is known as MEA. The Ministry of external affairs is responsible for a country’s foreign relations. 

An MEA apostille is the attestation of documents used abroad by the minister of external affairs. Apostilles issued by MEA Attestation is accepted by Hague Convention members like the UAE.

As part of document authentication, MEA apostille is important. Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, power of attorney, and birth certificates are apostille-certified by MEA. Documents related to education, such as SSLC certificates, HSC certificates, and degrees. A copy of the passport and the original certificate are the basic documents that need to be submitted.

Certificates can be apostilled after the ministry of external affairs seals and sign them. Documents containing a seal indicate that they have been verified and endorsed by the relevant authority.

In order to obtain visa approval, MEA apostilles are required

MEA apostille may also be needed for the following reasons:

  • Obtaining a work visa
  • Visa for family members
  • The pursuit of higher education, etc.

MEA apostille is sent along with your documents and is accepted only in countries part of the Hague convention. All countries that are members of the convention can use this MEA apostille. In document verification, the MEA apostille plays a crucial role.

Process flow to get UAE Embassy Attestation of documents

Once the attestation from the relevant state government has been obtained, the MEA Attestation can be affixed. Legalizing documents for use in Non-Hague Convention countries requires all pre-authentication, MEA Attestation, and Attestation from the respective country’s Embassy. The process of Attestation of certificates from the All Indian certificates can be endorsed by the local Notary, concerned state HRD/Home dept., Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the Government of India.

In order to get attestation on originals or copies from MEA to be legal, the state/union territory from where they were issued must also verify the documents.

For Educational Documents:

  1. First, the relevant State/Union Territory’s Education Department / Human Resource Development (HRD) department should attest to the documents. As well as the seal of the department, the name and designation seal must be used for authentication.
  2. After getting an attestation from Human-Resource & Development (HRD), the document should be submitted to MEA for authentication.
  3. Once the MEA is done, the same document needs to be legalized by the UAE Embassy in India.

For Non-Educational documents:

  1. To perform the pre-authentication, the respective Home Department or General Administration Department (GAD) is designated to put their seal and signature and validate the content of the document.
  2. Afterward, one has to get the document attested by MEA in India.
  3. Once the MEA is done, the same document needs to be legalized by the UAE Embassy in India.

Process for Commercial Documents:

  1. It is necessary for the respective Chambers of Commerce to pre-authenticate these documents. In addition to the Chamber of Commerce stamp, the name of the authorized signatory must also be affixed to each document.
  2. After attaining attestation from COC, the MEA Attestation needs to be done.
  3. The UAE Embassy Attestation is considered the final attestation to furnish the overseas documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • MEA apostille: what does it mean?

Apostilles are attestation stamps performed by the ministry of external affairs for documents used abroad. Those countries that are signatories to the Hague convention will accept an MEA apostille. In document authentication, the MEA apostille is an essential step.

  • What kind of documents can be apostilled in India?

It is possible to authenticate/apostil any type of document with e-Sanad, whether it is personal, educational, or commercial. For the attestation/apostille to be issued through e-Sanad, the document must be in the digital repository.

  • What are the supporting documents required to get UAE Embassy Attestation on a document in India?

To get a certificate attestation, a photocopy of the original certificate/document as well as a copy of the passport along with the original certificate must be submitted to the Embassy. The UAE Embassy may ask for additional documents if feels trouble identifying documents.

  • How long does it take to get UAE Embassy attestation done?

The UAE Embassy in India takes only 2 working days to complete embassy attestation however the pre-attestation can be varied referring on the type of document.

  • For UAE, is HRD attestation required?

A certificate or educational document must be attested by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD).

Do You Know the procedure of UAE Embassy Attestation?

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