How to increase the sales of your study membership site.

In this post, we’ll outline 5 tried-and-true tactics that our most prosperous Uscreen clients have utilized to increase consumer traffic and income.

Better yet…

The majority of these tactics may be implemented using the tools currently present in your Uscreen dashboard or by utilizing one of our third-party integrations.

So, whether you need to boost your sales or you just want to increase your income, you may find a solution here that meets your goals.

Let’s get started!

1. Create An Irresistible Upsell Offer To Boost Your Total Revenue

You may develop an upsell offer that will increase your revenue and help you expand your business if you provide both monthly and annual packages.

When you make an upsell offer, you persuade a consumer who wants to purchase a monthly study membership to do so at the checkout counter in exchange for a reduced offer for an annual subscription.

Discounts frequently give you the impression that you will earn less money. Upsells for annual subscriptions, however, is a tried-and-true sales technique.

They assist you in three key ways:

  1. Retain more customers: People who subscribe to a cheaper yearly plan utilize your platform for a longer length of time, increasing their lifetime value. Due to the great offer, they are also less likely to suffer from buyer’s remorse.
  2. Increased upfront payment vs smaller, incremental payments will improve your cash flow. It will be simpler to expand your firm as a result.
  3. Boost engagement by offering yearly plans to clients, who will have a full year to enjoy your service and are more likely to be active users.

2. Use Psychological Triggers To Increase Sign-Ups

In order to effectively advertise your study membership site, psychology is crucial.

By appealing to people’s sense of urgency and scarcity, as well as offering them the chance to overcome any sales obstacles independently, you may increase the number of signups and purchases.

Here are 3 quick and efficient ways to accomplish this:

Offer Free Trials To Tackle Sales Objections

This is a low-risk, high-reward strategy for recruiting new members.

By providing a free trial, you enable prospective clients to use your study membership site and discover exactly what benefits they will receive from your system.

This enables them to go over typical sales challenges like


  • Is it too expensive?
  • Is the study help material right for me?
  • How is this different from the last study membership I tried?
  • Will the study help actually work?
  • Will I even use it?
  • Is it too technical for me?

Offer Bonus Content Or Experiences To New Sign Ups

Offering more resources or experiences as a “prize” for joining the study membership is another strategy for persuading individuals to do so. These might be inexpensive for you yet quite valuable to the receiver!

Announce A Calculated Price Increase

As your firm expands and changes, your rates will also shift. Or even only to consider annual inflation!

If you prepare ahead of time for this price adjustment, you may take advantage of it to boost sales from consumers who aren’t sure yet but want to lock in your reduced rate.

3. Play The Long Game By Building An Email List

You can control your audience and reduce the danger of relying on other variables by building an email list.

I’ll explain.

You would immediately lose access to all of your followers if Facebook or Instagram were to suddenly go offline (which they have done) or if they were to suspend you (which they can do).

However, you may still communicate with your fans despite algorithm updates or social media blocks if you have an email list.

We’re not arguing that having a large social media audience is bad… In fact, it’s one of the best strategies to draw in customers and produces leads!

Visitors can be asked to submit their email addresses in exchange for whatever you’ve offered to lure them, such as:


  • Exclusive insights.
  • Discounts/coupon codes.
  • Giveaway prizes.
  • Free premium content. 

You may launch your email marketing campaign once you’ve established an email list. Here, you want to encourage your email list subscribers to join your study membership site.

4. Let Your Customers Do The Talking

Utilizing social proof enables you to use word-of-mouth advertising, one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Social proof is essentially authorized word-of-mouth advertising from a business.

People will be raving about your service, so why not capitalize on their goodwill and spread the word about your company?

This implies you’ll have to believe what your consumers have to say about you. I realize this might seem terrifying, but it’s worth it since your brand will be powerfully validated in the eyes of your potential clients.

In actuality, non-paid suggestions are believed by customers 92% more often than any other form of promotion.

5. Run Targeted Sales Campaigns

You have to carry out a few distinct sales initiatives over the course of the year. These may incorporate many sales offers, such as…

  • gift cards
  • coupons
  • annual subscription discounts
  • affiliate programs

A strong emotional trigger that will motivate your audience to act is to frame your campaigns as a “limited-time offer.”

This relates to our prehistoric hunter-gatherer beginnings when scarcity drove us to hoard resources.

Let’s now examine the simplest technique to use this emotional reaction to your advantage: coupons

A coupon will offer visitors a reduced rate to sign up for your study membership website.

You may, for instance, provide your yearly or monthly study membership plans or your content bundles with a 10% discount.

Wrapping It Up…

Having the correct tools may make expanding your business enjoyable and make your study membership hit a boost.

You can choose to do any or all of these things. In any case, you’ll walk away with a successful long-term sales plan that will support the expansion of your company.

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