Ways to Carry Backup Car Key While Travelling

Are you heading out on a road trip with your family? You need to carry a backup car key with you. There could be situations where you may lose the original keys or get locked out of the car. In such a situation, a spare key can be a saviour for you. Having the spare key can save you the trouble and hassle of going through the frustration of losing a key.

However, having the backup key safely attached to a car keychain is ideal. Also, it would be pointless if you stored the backup key inside the car and locked yourself out. The spare key is useless unless you carry it outside each time you lock the car and get out. And that frequently is not realistic.

Why Should You Have a Backup Car Key?

Nowadays, the best car accessories like car keys are costly since they need specialised programming to work. Due to the expense, some people erroneously decide against purchasing a spare key. Instead, they depend only on themselves to keep the key safe. 

However, unforeseen events might occur, so it’s always preferable to be ready than to end up stranded. If you don’t already have a backup key for your automobile, here are several reasons for doing so.

  • Have A Backup Key If The Key Is Lost

Nobody ever intends to lose their vehicle key, yet it happens unknowingly. Various situations can lead you to lose the original car keys. Moreover, you can get locked out of the car only to realise that your keys are inside. So, having a backup car key is a good idea. It can come in handy in these unfortunate circumstances. 

  • Take Your Backup Key When You Travel

It’s best to have your backup key with you when you travel. The last thing you want is to start a road trip and discover that the battery on your key fob is low. Or if you somehow manage to lose your key, you’re left with few options. You may prevent certain uncomfortable and perhaps dangerous situations by putting your backup key in your bag as a precaution.

Ways To Carry a Backup Car Key

Keeping a spare car key safely with you is extremely important. You wouldn’t want to undergo a situation where you lose both the original and spare keys. So, here are some ways to carry a backup key with you while traveling.

Behind The Front License Plate

The less expected hiding location is generally the most obvious. So, keeping your backup car key hidden below your license plate makes sense. You may even buy a dedicated container for storing license plates or a spare key hider to make it look better. 

When choosing this way, consider the contours of your front bumper and license plate holder. Typically, their depth is sufficient to insert a key. However, there may be some outliers. So, make sure the key is indeed secure beneath your license plate by checking it twice.

  • Your Bag/Pocket

Even though it seems apparent, one of the more practical locations to “hide” a spare key is always having it with you. Store the main keys in another location from the spare. Therefore, you can put the spare in your jacket or pants pocket if the main key is in a handbag or backpack.

Furthermore, carrying your fob about with you is preferable to leave it in one location because fobs encourage theft.

While it might be inconvenient initially, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of keeping your keys separate. Also, avoid storing your house and backup car key on the same keychain. You’ll immediately regret having extra and home keys on the same chain if you get locked out of your car.

  • The Inside of The Bumper

You may store your magnetic backup car key inside your vehicle’s bumper. If you hide the key in your garage or while no one else is present, it will stick to the bumper, and nobody will notice. However, let anyone going with you know that the extra key is below the bumper. This will enable them to find it in an emergency.

In the Gas Cap

This hiding place is not a permanent fix. Ensure the key you are hiding only unlocks the door, not the ignition. Tape it to the gas cap to keep it in place. If you want to do this, be careful to carry a backup ignition key in case you misplace the main one while driving. Before getting back on the road, be careful to take out the extra key.

Now is the time to order a backup car key if you need one. This way, you’ll have a backup car key in case you ever lose your main vehicle key. Also, visit Carorbis.com to find the best keychains for your car keys. You will get them at a great price from their store.

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