If you are also a fan of wearing athleisure since we all have been wearing them while staying home more than usual. You have teamed-up with one of the two camps. The first camp belongs to the people who support the athleisure trend that has been rising ever since COVID started. how to wash a baseball cap

They are glad for this fashion trend and by all means try to stay in them no matter where they have to be. The second camp belong to the people who desperately want everything to go back to “normal”. As it was before COVID, they are waiting patiently to again dress up for work and social gathering as per the respective dress-code. Anyways, leggings have become everyone’s favourite and don’t seem to be ever going instinct. The second group has to cope-up.

There are also some people who are in favour of both groups.
Since, we have been spending a lot on comfy and stretchy clothes for past couple of months. It’s become our everyday wear. You might now see people casually walking in their lounge wear and running errands. It’s not very bad actually. Now that the active wear has made its way on the street, we have gathered some ideas for you to rock this look with some addition.

1. With a pastel sweater

You must remember your mom’s dresses she used to wear for playing tennis. Those tennis dresses are now being worn by people on the streets for casual look and they are not only cool but have also become a street fashion. You can challenge your inner fashion enthusiast and rock it too. If you wish to go a little casual along with sporty, style it with a pastel sweater.

If tennis dresses aren’t your thing you can go for a matching combo for your casual walks. There are so many ways you style the active wear. Choose your favourite bike shorts and rock it with a loose sweater. There are many options available for it. You can use Puma voucher code to get them.

2. Under a trench coat

When it comes to fashion you can never go wrong while styling. You can wear everything confidently and call it your style and no one has the audacity to question that. If you opt for opposite styling, mixing casual with a little formal you have created your own street style.

We all love “I woke up like this” style in a sweat-suit. Try pairing it with a trench coat and you are going to look effortlessly chic along with being warm and comfortable. This could be a casual winter outfit. Perfect for running errands or out going with friends. Don’t overthink when it comes to casual outfits and go with what seems comfy and sounds like your style.

3. With a blazer

No one was expecting the active wear and work blazers to ever go along. To our surprise this is the new fashion trend, not only on streets but it has made its mark on mainstream too. You might have already seen dozens of celebrities being captured in this outfit.

When you are rocking your high-rise leggings with a sports bra, an oversized blazer can make the outfit perfect for all occasions. Whether it’s a brunch or you are just running errands. You can rock a pair of grey joggers with a white shirt and blazer with white pointed heels, in your office-hours.

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