For all those enthusiastic gardeners who would love to convert their balcony into a garden this guide will be of great help. You might be on a hunt for the best plants for balcony and if you do not know the best options, this guide will help you find the right one for your needs. So, drop whatever you are doing and join us in reading this entire article that will tell you more about the best options for balcony plants. Are you curious to dive in and check out the details? Let’s get started already.

The list of 11 plants to change your balcony into a garden

Here are some of the best 11 plants we have churned out for you.

Mandevilla: It is beautiful and easy to handle the plant. This heat-tolerant plant has to be planted annually as it will die once the temperature falls to freezing. Also, you can overwinter this stunning Mandevilla vine indoors but you need to be careful and keep it away from kids and pets. Ingesting this plant can be toxic to health.

Begonia: There are a lot of varieties of Begonias that one can choose from and if you want to beautify your balcony space, you can plant these for an appealing view. To ensure that these plants remain fresh and healthy, you need to provide them with a consistent water supply. Also, ensure that they can be placed in such a place that offers high humidity. You can easily snap off the withered leaves to make the plant look clean and tidy.

Geranium: These plants have been popularly used as a balcony plant for decades now. Not only are they resistant to drought but also can be availed in variant colours including red, orange, purple, and pink. So, if you need a low-maintenance plant, then the Geranium can be an ideal one for your needs.

Verbena: Verbena is an excellent choice for plants to put in the balcony. They are eye-catching and they are also resistant to drought. They are easy to grow and can be found in colours like white, purple, blue, red, and pink.

Gardenia: The white blooms of this flower have a sweet and strong scent that can be smelt from a distance, especially on a breezy day. These evergreen plants require a lot of humidity and well-drained soil to ensure they remain healthy throughout. These plants won’t love too long since they attract pests. However, it is worth planting these in your balcony garden to enjoy the refreshing fragrance it provides.

Lavender: This produces the showiest flowers and it offers a great aroma. Moreover, lavender can be found in different varieties and they bloom in shades of purple or white. These plants are tolerant to droughts, wind, and heat.

Fuchsia: This plant is the one that hummingbirds love. These bloom in different varieties and shades of purples and pinks. You need to pick heat-tolerant fuchsias otherwise they will stop producing flowers if it is too hot outside.

Aloe Vera: You hardly need to water this plant and it offers a lot of medicinal benefits too. So, don’t you think it should be a part of your balcony garden?

Lemon Tree: This is can be grown easily but remembers it requires a lot of sunlight thus it wouldn’t perform well in freezing areas.

Marigolds: These flowers can add a lot of positivity and brightness to your garden space. Ensure you water them regularly

Boston Fern: These can provide an elegant look to your balcony and can be planted in pots or hanging baskets.                              

Now that you know some of the best plants for your balcony plants, go and pick the right option today. You can also buy these balcony plants for a reasonable price.

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