In recent years, personal vehicles have undergone a technological evolution, such as turning them into real smart devices, ready to help you get to any destination with minimal effort. Whether it is mechanical or digital progress, it doesn’t matter, to move around in urban environments in comfort, without the need to take a car, it is now a goal available to everyone. From classic bikes that are getting more comfortable, to scooters that have become almost exclusively electric vehicles, the choice is now there. diverse, that without an adequate selection, one can get lost in the stream of available products.

In addition to improving the analog facilities of the past, a new type of product more convenient, convenient, light, suitable for everyone, and ecological has been introduced to facilitate daily commuting: let’s talk about the hoverboard.

Choose the hoverboard best suited to your needs, if you are not sure what features to look for, it can be a difficult task: the market is almost saturated, and there are hundreds of devices, but only a few really deserve your attention.

This is because many of the hoverboards we, unfortunately, see for sale are ed. In circulation, they do not have the appropriate certificates that guarantee their safety, making them products in some cases even explosives. Some of them actually cause the under design of criteria, the daughter of mass demand for inexpensive models, which literally exploded with results you can imagine!

Not wanting you to waste any more time, we want to provide you with a selection of the best hoverboards currently available on the market. For a convenient and secure choice, we decided to rely on Segbo. Done, let’s get started!

The best hoverboards

same time of the highest quality, namely Hoverboard. It is a product with excellent technical characteristics, adorned with a frame well crafted from all points of view. Resistant to rain, dust and inclement weather, the RCB hoverboard has been designed to be your favorite vehicle in the city. You ride using your full body weight on the platform to have a more stable and secure position. The RCB hoverboard is also capable of reaching a single maximum speed of 15 km/h so you can make many quick movements even over non-trivial distances, thanks to the declared autonomy of 20 km can be obtained with a three-hour charge.

Hoverboard Denver

We continue this guide with a product that is exceptional value for money. Whether going to school, work, or just for fun, Hoverboard caters to a wide variety of needs. Easy to maneuver, it is also an ideal model for those who are new to this world, or for those who do not have special needs and who want to spend relatively little compared to other products in the same range in terms of features and equipment. It weighs only 7.4 kg so it can be easily lifted and transported on public transport, and thanks to two motors capable of generating 250 W of power, it can reach up to 12 km/h. Claimed autonomy of 10 km with a full charge of only 3 hours. It can also be used in the rain and is not afraid of mud or the most adverse weather conditions, and also offers LED lighting to effectively signal its presence and be able to move around calmly in the dark of the night.

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