Software Testing is the practice of finding bugs and errors from a software product and making it stable and secure for customers.  Furthermore, it evaluates and verifies the software product to check whether the actual software matches the expected requirements or not.

Benefits of Software Testing

Software Testing ensures cost-effectiveness in a project by allowing you to find and fix bugs in the early phases. Finding and fixing bugs in the early stages of the web development cycle is easy. It costs less amount of money in comparison to finding and fixing them late. In addition, it helps in improving the security of the application by finding the most vulnerable and sensitive parts. Software Testing makes the product reliable and well tested. It reduces any chances of mishappenings and ensures that the customers get what they wish for.

Furthermore, it improves the product quality and makes sure that it serves the user in one way or the other. This process checks whether the software product is capable of running the same in a wide array of operating systems and devices. It determines the software’s performance and allows you to make changes to it. To further know about it, one can visit ISTQB Certification Online Training. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of Software Testing.

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction– Software Testing makes the software product reliable and secure. It ensures that the customer gets a product as per its expectations. Thus, improving customer satisfaction and helping a business in earning the reputation of reliable clients.
  • Enhances the Development Process– It ensures quality assurance and helps developers in finding and fixing issues in no time. Furthermore, when software testers work parallel with the development team, it results in acceleration of the development procedure.
  • Easy to Add New Features– Adding new features can be a very complicated task as the codes are interconnected. Conducting software testing in the initial stage allows you to know if you’ve broken anything important. Thus, allowing you to confidently add new features and fix issues in the initial phase.

Benefits of Getting the ISTQB Certification as A Software Tester?

ISTQB or the International Software Testing Qualification Board is a worldwide accepted certification for software testers. To get this certification, a candidate needs to clear the exam held by the testing Exam Board and approved by ISTQB. This certification has three different levels that are Foundation level certification, Advance level certification, and Expert level certification. It builds a path for software QA skills development and equips you with testing skills. Many institutes provide ISTQB Certification Online Training in India and one can enroll in them to start a career in Software Testing. Given below are some of the benefits of getting the ISTQB Certification as A Software Tester.

  • Salary Hike– It contributes to your salary hike and provides you with multiple employment opportunities. This certification gives your employer confidence in your knowledge and skills.
  • Career Growth– This certification makes you more employable and allows you to work with some of the leading organizations. Furthermore, it contributes to your career growth as a professional software tester.
  • Global Acceptance– ISTQB certification is globally recognized and it provides you with global employment opportunities. It is the number one 1 software testing examination in over 70 countries.
  • Improves Resume– It makes your resume, even more, heavier and makes you stand out of line. It enhances your employment chances by adding a perk of advanced skills and practical knowledge to your resume.


Software Testing is the process of finding errors in the software product to make it reliable and secure. It checks whether the software matches the expected requirements or not. It is a highly necessary and beneficial process that is conducted before launching the software in the market. ISTQB is a worldwide accepted certification for software testers that can help you with salary hikes and career growth.

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