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. A similar service was provided to me by the best hotels in Kern County at the time of my wedding

Choosing the perfect venue is one of the most important decisions you need to make during your wedding planning process. It is crucial to choose the wedding venue once the guest list and budget have been finalized because it is the most important part of the entire function. When it comes to selecting a wedding venue, couples often seek the assistance of wedding planners. At times, it can be a bit daunting to choose the right venue for your event. Wedding planners provide couples with a great deal of assistance throughout their wedding considering numerous factors in mind.

Like, when I was getting married, my wedding planner suggested some of the best hotels in Kern County, California. I selected the best hotel in Kern County according to my wedding planner’s recommendation. The hotel provided us with all the dedicated services within our budget.

Here, I will share what a wedding planner looks for when it comes to booking hotel venues for a wedding.

Considerations Wedding Planners Make While Booking a Hotel:

  • Discounted Bridal Suite

Everyone is aware of the fact that getting married in a good venue is a costly affair. An average wedding cost is approximately $34,000, including the engagement ring, according to industry experts. So, hotels that offer discounts are more likely to be recommended by wedding planners. For those attending a reception at a hotel, guests may wish to stay overnight because of convenience. At that time the hotels’ discounted rates will make it difficult for guests to refuse.

  • Expansive Parking Area

As weddings are often large-scale events, convenient and spacious parking options are essential to accommodate all of the guests. If your hotel offers to park onsite, be sure to advertise it on a brochure or website. You can also include a map that identifies where overflow parking can be provided by parties. In contrast, couples are likely to prefer venues that include these features over those that don’t mention parking or tell guests where to park.

  • Optional Outdoor Areas

An outdoor ceremony, reception, and photoshoot are an evergreen wedding trend. These areas provide more space for guests and natural backdrops with blooming flowers. As well as finding outdoor spaces that can accommodate an event tent, wedding planners will look for spaces that can be sheltered from direct sunlight or rain. If hotels will be able to accommodate weddings of all sizes, they are recommended.

  • On-Site Food Preparation

Providing the couple with the most popular wedding appetizers, entrees, and desserts on your menu will save them time and money in hiring a caterer from outside. Hotels with in-house restaurants can provide the wedding menu, eliminating the need for outside caterers. Couples can save money on a caterer who will have to drive the food over and set it up by using them for their big day. It’s a simple way to offer couples more peace of mind while still taking advantage of the hotel’s amenities. A similar service was provided to me by the best hotels in Kern County at the time of my wedding. It gave me and my wife the freedom to enjoy our wedding without any problems.

  • Post Ceremony Brunch

As a way of saying goodbye to their guests and reminiscing with everyone, many couples schedule a post-wedding brunch. For couples who book their wedding on-site, hotel administrators can prepare an exclusive brunch menu for an additional fee. Since everyone is staying in the same building, it simplifies the number of vendors the married couple has to pay and allows them to meet in a more convenient setting.

If a hotel has a lot to offer, hosting weddings can be a great way to bring in additional revenue. Hotel administrators ought to know what wedding planners look for in a hotel venue. Hotel teams seeking to become more competitive should take into account amenities, meal packages, and outdoor spaces. They want their couples to get the best deal for their budgets.

  • Tables and Seating

It is common for wedding couples to forget that they will have to rent tables and chairs to accommodate their guests. When the RSVP deadline passes and the wedding date gets closer, organizing becomes stressful. Wedding planners can help their clients choose hotels that offer these features. The seating can also be reused for future events, weddings, or other functions – making it an equally smart investment for hotel managers.

  • Music System (DJ)

A wedding DJ is another common surprise for a wedding couple on a budget. They often charge thousands of dollars to rent their equipment, but they will provide more economical quotes if a couple chooses a venue with everything they needs.

The hotel can provide the latest speakers and microphones to make the bride’s experience as seamless as possible. There should also be plenty of electrical outlets in the ceremony and reception areas. Wedding planners should look for venues that include a sound system package that caters to the couple.

  • In-house Photographer

It’s another way for wedding couples to save money when wedding planners recommend hotels that partner with local photographers. The photographer will be able to get a better rate because he or she has a history with the venue and will have confidence in the results. Hotel administrators should work with photographers to offer wedding couples, a package deal that instantly makes them more competitive than others in the area.

Final Words

Overall, the purpose of this post was to cover some of the useful features that a wedding planner looks for in a hotel venue when planning a wedding. That’s why, by choosing a wedding planner who is experienced, you can save a lot of money on your special day. Like, my planner helped me to find the best hotels in Kern County for my wedding and due to this I saved my precious time and hard-earned money.

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