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This will also help keep the imitation jewelry the focal point. Try and boast your edgy look at a family function, get-together, or work.

Indian jewelry is intricately designed pieces whether they are made of real gold, silver, or imitated. They have subtle colors and beautiful designs. They are very versatile and can be paired with different outfits for all occasions.

Every Indian woman loves jewelry, isn’t it? But you usually pair it with your ethnic wear. What about pairing jewelry with western dresses? Wearing jewelry no more means adding glitter to your outfit. Today, it means you have to make a fashion statement and step up your style quotient at the same time.

Pairing jewelry with western dresses is undoubtedly a bold fashion statement. This not only portrays how fashion-conscious you are but also how creative you are as a person. When done right, styling both of them together will make you look absolutely stunning and off course different from others but in a good way.

Let us give you some smart tips on how to pair Indian imitation jewelry with western outfits:

Statement Necklace with a White Shirt

Who doesn’t love wearing white shirts? It is the first choice when it comes to wearing formal. No matter whether you want to wear it in your office or any other place. However, they can be really drab when you keep wearing them time and again. If you wish to give them a new life, we’d recommend you pair them with the stunning statement necklace. Enjoy the Indo-western vibe as you wear an ethnic skirt. If you are uncomfortable in a skirt, you can also opt for jeans. This will also help keep the imitation jewelry the focal point. Try and boast your edgy look at a family function, get-together, or work.

 Kundan Necklace with a Strapless Gown

One of the most common trends of this year will be pairing Kundan jewelry. Gone are the days when women use to only wear it during weddings and special occasions. If a black tie event is around the corner, wear a strapless gown or top. This will beautifully flaunt your Kundan neckpiece or Kundan jhumkas whatever you are comfortable wearing.

This is undoubtedly a tried and tested pairing that helps enhance your overall look. Kundan jewelry is usually light in color and grand in size/design. So you can perfectly pair it with a dark-colored strapless gown.

Silver Jewellery for a Boho-chic Look

Silver jewelry is evergreen. It has its own charm. If you want the perfect boho chic look-you can blindly choose pure silver or even oxidized silver jewelry.

If you have a corset, maxi dress, or bodycon dress, the silver jewelry goes well with all of them. No matter what you wear, make sure it is not a floral print.

If you like wearing a cold-shouldered top, this imitation jewelry time will also go well with the same.

For a more sophisticated look, pair a silver neckpiece with a formal shirt. Not only this, you become more fashion-forward, you can wear silver rings, bangles, and matching danglers. Regardless of how you dress and pair things, ensure you don’t overdo it.

Jhumkas with Little Black Dress

One thing is for sure, whenever when you are doubtful about what to wear, you quickly go for that little black dress. We all will agree with the fact that this LBD is timeless regardless of the occasion. It is high time that you give your LBD an upgrade as you pair it sophisticatedly with Jhumkas. Yes, you read that right.

Even the simplest outfit can be lifted when they are accessories in the right manner. This is the power of Indian traditional imitation jewelry.

Maang tikka instead of a headband

Don’t hesitate to pair your maang tikka with your western outfit. We know it’s a little new for you, but trust us, you will look simply wow.

When you design it in the right way, you are sure to grab all the attention with your look. Don’t wait for a celebration to pair these, you can have a stroll in the market as you pair them.

Anklet with cropped jeans

We are sure that everyone wears a cute pair of anklets but are usually hesitant to wear them. These are ancient traditional beautifully adorned pieces of jewelry that have been associated with women for years. Pair trendy ankles with cropped jeans or ankle jeans. You can also wear a single ankle and make your own style statement.

Boast your style statement

Indian imitation jewelry has a diverse range of styles and designs. When you pair them with western dresses, you have that statement look ready. Paring western outfits with Indian jewelry may look a little confusing and challenging at times. But when you understand how to perfectly pair everything, the fusion seems absolutely magical. There are a number of ways how you can pair everything and get that trendy fusion look.

We hope the aforementioned tips would make even the most mundane outfits look stunning when you pair them right way.

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