Qualifying the test for a PCV licence is similar to passing any other driving test. The licence is mandatory if you want to drive a bus, coach or minibus with passengers. To have the authority to drive these vehicles on the road, you need to qualify for all the tests required for a PCV licence. Once qualified, you can apply for a logistics job in any company you like. Do you want to know how to get a PCV licence? Here are a few steps to check out.

  • The first step to getting a PCV licence is obtaining a provisional licence. While you are training, you will need a provisional licence to learn to drive a passenger-carrying vehicle.
  • Becoming a bus, coach or minibus driver is not a tough process. Once you get your provisional HGV licence, you can begin your training easily. The best advantage of getting a PCV licence is you can travel to different places while getting paid for it.
  • After you finish your HGV training, you will have to get driver’s CPC (Certificate of provisional competence)
  • Now you need to book some tests to get a PCV licence. These tests are of two types: theory tests and practical tests.
  • First, you will have to book your theory test. It has two parts: multiple choice questions and hazard perception. You need to qualify for both tests to book your practical test.
  • After qualifying for your theory part, you can go for the practical test. First, you will have an oral test, and then they will take you for the practical.
  • As you clear your tests within some time, you will get your licence at the address you mentioned in your car driving licence.
  • Being a PCV driver is a respectful job. The local community will give you respect for the help you are doing for localities. You will meet numerous new people every day, and they might appreciate your well-doing job.
  • As you grow in the industry and your experience increases, your demand also increases. As you continue to work for a longer time, people develop trust, and they will want only you to drive.

Now that you know how to get a PCV licence. Let’s look at other factors.

HGV licencing and training

HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle. This big role is played by the driver. They have to collect goods from one area, load it in their HGV, and safely travel to the place of unloading them. Before finding any training centre for HGV driver training, make sure you have celebrated your 18th birthday and have a full car driving licence. If not, then you might not be considered for training. To know in detail about how to get a C1 licence, you can visit the UK government site. The demand for HGV drivers in the UK is high. With your focused workaholic nature, you can win hearts and can get a wonderful salary package.

Skills needed to become a PCV driver

  • While driving a bus, coach or minibus filled with passengers, the driver shouldn’t panic in any situation. He should be well aware of handling the situation. The driver should be self-motivated and should have experience in dealing with the problem while staying calm.
  • While you study how to get a PCV licence, you should also study the rules on road safety. While driving, the driver should be well aware of the rules and must learn to drive safely so that no passenger feels unsafe while travelling with you.
  • Since the other driver driving their vehicle on the road is not in sense, you as a driver of a minibus, coach or bus need to stay calm and handle things with patience.
  • While driving, especially between traffic regions, the driver needs to stay concentrated. Focusing on the job given without any distractions in between is very important.
  • Being PCV drivers, their attention and focus should be on their work. It means that they should only focus on the wheels of the vehicle while driving.
  • Some responsibilities of PCV drivers include: completion of paperwork, checking the route, interacting with passengers and remembering safety rules.

Bottom line

How to get a PCV licence? – All the points and things mentioned above can help you to get your licence. There are a few steps, rules and responsibilities a driver needs to take care of. So start your training for a PCV licence now.

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