Do you have a knack for creativity? Do you often enjoy customizing your blank T-shirts at home? If so, then this post is just for you! Spray painting is one way of making your tees look cool. Moreover, you can do it easily at home with only minimal supplies at hand. It may be hard to do on your first try, but after several attempts, you will get the hang of it.

If you make creative designs, why not sell them online? Give yourself a boost by practicing spray painting at home. Impress your friends and peers with your unique designs and stand apart from the rest!

Things you must consider:

This post is a DIY guide to spray painting your tees effectively. Before spray painting, you must make sure that the following things are taken into consideration:

1: Prepare Work Surface

It is the most important step when you are thinking of spray painting. You will need a surface where you won’t get paint all over your floor. Therefore, ensure that you have plenty of newspapers covering your work surface. Also, ensure that your surface is where there is proper ventilation. Additionally, wear protective gloves and goggles so you do not get spray paint over you.

2: Fabric of T-shirt

Next, find the best tee to work on! A 100% cotton tee should be your choice, as a cotton tee readily absorbs paint. You can also go for blends of cotton. However, if there is excess paint, try to place cardboard in between the tee.

Moreover, why not buy blank apparel in bulk if you are an individual seller? Therefore, purchase pure cotton  Level shirts in bulk and bring your ideas to life.

What you will need:

Now that you have gotten the basics, it is time to start spray painting. Here is the list of things you would need:

● Spray Bottles

● Acrylic Paints

● Textile Medium

● Blank Cotton T-shirts

● Cardboards

● Vinyl Stickers/Stencils

● Newspapers

How to Spray Paint on your Tee:

Once you have gotten your hands on these items, it is time to start. With these simple steps, we can guarantee you the best outcome:

1: Pre-wash

Firstly, pre-wash and dry your cotton tees. This way, any excess color of the tee is washed away. In addition, it would be best to do air drying instead of putting your tees in the dryer. Afterwards, iron your tee to remove any creases.

2: Preparing mixture

Next is to prepare the mixture for spraying. Start off by mixing together four parts of water with one part of the textile medium and the acrylic color of your choice. Then, shake the bottle to mix the solution well. Prepare several bottles of spray paints depending on the colors you need.

3: Stencil or Stickers

Next up is placing stencils or stickers on your tee. Stencils or stickers will be the design that will take shape on your blank tee. You can choose any method which suits you:

● 3a: Vinyl Stickers

You can either purchase vinyl stickers of your choice or make one yourself! Moreover you can use plain sticker sheets and put your design on them. Then, print it out on a sticker sheet using an inkjet printer once you have the design. Moreover, they will give a negative space effect to your customized tee.

● 3b: Stencil

You can create a design stencil or purchase one. Make a stencil at home by searching online for the designs. Next, print out the design and place it on the cardboard. Trace out the design of the stencil on cardboard and cut it out. You can also create a free-hand design on paper to use as a stencil.

You can even spray paint a statement using alphabet stencils or a favorite cartoon character for your kid.

4: Spray Paint

Once you have placed the stencil or sticker over the desired area, it is time to spray paint. Make sure to practice some strokes before spraying on the tee. Then, place your spray bottle closer to the stencil and sticker so that excess spray does not cross the stencil. Play with various colors to have the desired look.

5: Results!

Hang the tee where there is plenty of sunlight. Let it sit for an hour or two until the spray paint dries completely. Enjoy the results!

You will have to roll out several customized tees if you are a small business. Therefore, spray painting your Gildan or Next Level shirts in bulk is the right way to go about it! Set up a system at home and start selling online with our simple guidelines.

We have given you an easy-to-do customizing guide that you can do at home. All you need is some home supplies and a flair for creativity, and you are good to go!

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