Socket Error 10060

When processing payments with debit or credit cards, QuickBooks users may get the Quickbooks POS Socket Error 10060, which is a connection timeout error. Reading carefully will provide you with all the information you need to know about the problem, how to fix it, and the reasons why it occurred.

The connection must be operational and functional in order for the system to accept credit cards and debit cards. Inactive connections frequently cause QuickBooks error 10060.

Causes: Impact of Quickbooks POS Error 10060

The following causes could result in the QuickBooks POS error 10060. You can follow these simple steps to fix this error.

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Unreliable socket connection
  • Network connections are blocked by security software.
  • FTP Server Issue.

How can QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 be fixed?

A selection of options is provided below that may assist you in finding a solution to your issue:

Methos 1: If the socket is unconnected

The actions that follow are for these solutions.

  • carefully inspect the socket connection.
  • Ensure that each wire is securely fastened.
  • Check to see if it works.

Method 2: If the network connection is blocked by the security software

The actions that follow are for these solutions.

  • Disable every security program that has been installed on your computer.
  • Re-engage in the transaction.
  • If an error does not show up, your problem is solved.

Method 3: Use the system where the credit card is being processed if one or more workstations are already in use.

In this step, you can use the system where the credit card is processed. You can follow some simple steps to fix Quickbooks error code 10060

  • Access the Edit menu. Choose Preferences.
  • Select Company now.
  • Select communication configuration.
  • Use this computer for all debit and credit card transactions to be checked. If not, select “Change this device”
  • Now save
  • Reopen your Point of Sale after closing the window.
  • Open the Tools menu. Customer Data
  • Check the workstations to see if the WS-EFT server is there. Process the card if it is.

Method 4: New Data File Creation

The actions that follow are for these solutions:

  • Browse the File menu. Choose Company info and then click New
  • Write Test in the provided space and give the new data file a name.
  • Go to Edit in the menu. choose preferences Click a business.
  • Select Merchant Service, then enter your information.
  • Now click Save.
  • Browse the Tools Menu. Go to “User Information”
  • Reprocess the card using the POS program.

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Make sure you thoroughly follow each step and even make an effort to conduct them politely. If you are having trouble, please connect the QuickBooks representatives team with the help of Quickbooks official site. The Quickbooks representatives will guide you to an advanced level of fixing solutions in a simple way, so you can easily solve this error.

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