Cannabis Seed Boxes

We can assist you as we never charge extra and always offer competitive market rates to our valued customers. Furthermore, at the end of the season,

we offer an additional discount to help small businesses stand out through custom cannabis seed packaging. And earn an extra profit on Christmas.

However, this is a limited-time offer that may expire at any time. Please get in touch with our customer service representatives if you have any questions about packaging quotes or payments. They are experts in customization and will protect you in a friendly manner based on your product requirements.

Cannabis Seed Boxes with Detailed Descriptions

Because of medical benefits, the cannabis industry is becoming more well-known. Many manufacturers have already won the game as a result of this. To be competitive, you must demonstrate that your product is superior to others. And the detailed description is an accurate way to accomplish this. We customize detailed descriptions with the box design so the buyer enjoys reading it. Here are some options to include:

  • Precautions
  • QR code
  • Manufacturing date
  • Expiry date
  • Application method
  • Sponsors name
  • Ingredients list

Custom Cannabis Seed Boxes with Inserts

We recommend keeping custom inserts inside if the seeds are packed in fragile mirror glass bottles. The inserts keep the product immobile and give it an aesthetically pleasing position in the shop display with die-cut windows, capturing all of the attention. There are two options for foam inserts:


Custom InsertsSpecifications
Cardboard insertsü  Economical

ü  Printable in any shade or design

ü  Eco-friendly

ü  Ideal for regular fragile products like plastic.


Foam inserts·        Durable and flexible

·        Available in grey, charcoal, and black shades

·        Economical for luxury items packaging

·        Non-eco friendly


Unique design for custom cannabis seed boxes

You can select any design for cannabis seed boxes from our newly updated design format. Our cannabis box designers create these designs based on market demand. They understand which color shade will complement the design.

You, too, can choose. If we felt any color shade is making the design dull and over. We strongly advise you to change it. We have stunning PMS and CMYK color schemes for bold color combinations and shades. Both are inexpensive and ideal for incredible shades that outperform the competition.

Get Free 2D and 3D Samples

Customer satisfaction is the priority of Urgent boxes. Aside from other benefits, we also allow our customers to confirm what they take by providing free 2D or 3D samples. Suppose you don’t like a particular color scheme, design, or finish. You can freely ask for change once your order is confirmed and production starts. You have two options. Firstly, you can get the accessible graphical format of your product custom box through pictures, live chat, or PDF. And in the second one, you can tell us your location we will ship the sample in physical form without shipment charges.

Custom Cannabis Seed Box Styles Guidelines

You can choose any box style for custom cannabis seed boxes. We will adjust the incorrect length based on the quantity and weight of the product. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If the seeds are in packet form, you can use a straight tuck end and reverse rectangular tuck boxes.
  • If the seed is in bottles, you can use tuck-top boxes with 123 bottoms.
  • In add-ons, you can customize die-cut windows in any shape.

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