If you have been googling free job posting sites in India for an hour and still just closed the tab of paid job boards, this wasn’t worth your time. Be it a permanent job or contract basis, finding the right candidate in the right spot is what every recruiter wants. For this, you need to advertise the job vacancy in the right place.

Though the bigger companies mostly have their pockets full, they can source well-qualified candidates. If we talk about small ones, they might not have enough funds to take advantage of pricey recruitment channels. Therefore the excellent way for organizations to create their candidate pools is through these free job posting sites in India.

The expenses would be zero, and you will get the best candidate too!

If you are looking for different job promotion methods, it is essential to know these things:

  • The type of employee you are hiring,
  • Where can they be searching for similar jobs

Everyone has their own way to use the internet. Depending on the industry you are hiring for, you can promote the vacancy on online job boards, or can hire physically through recruitment centers or trade shows.

The right way to know which channel you should use for job promotion is by knowing what qualities you want in a candidate. It will assist you in determining which platform is the right one. Also, it will help you to ignore the unwanted applications you’ve received.

To help you in posting a job vacancy, we have listed a few places where you can post jobs and get the right qualified candidate.

Post jobs online for free without using any online job posting site

If you are searching for a way to post job vacancies for your company without listing any online job boards, you can use this list.

Think about the candidate that will spend time on social media platforms, or stick to these strategic job sites. Post your job vacancy accordingly. Search for the right channel and then start with posting a job.

Post your job vacancy on social media

If estimated there are around 4.48 billion accounts on social media. With so many people scrolling social media every second, the chances of people looking for similar jobs are high. You can post your vacancy here. This list of social media platforms you can use for job posting is long. Some of them are:

  • Instagram, Facebook
    You can upload a story or a post and promote your job vacancy
  • LinkedIn
    You can directly post a job here, and interested people can connect immediately

Your company website

If you want a well-qualified candidate, but want to keep the job opening for limited people, you can promote it on your website. You can post a job there. People visiting your website can apply if interested.

Create network digitally

You can share the information about the job opening through word of mouth. You can join a group of candidates on digital platforms and then spread the information.

These are a few tactics you can use if you do not want to post your job on job boards, but if you are interested in posting jobs on the free job posting sites in India, here is a list you can use.

  • Indeed
  • PostJobFree
  • Google for Jobs
  • Ladders, etc.

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