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Copper is among the most expensive metals due to the demand for electronic gadgets as well as large infrastructure projects. Scrap metals have been traded, but only in the 90s has copper been valuable to anyone who is not involved in scrapping
If you’re involved in lots of scrapping or are launching an enterprise to recycle scrap metal using a wire stripper, it’s essential. Wire strippers are less risky than pliers and other tools that are used to remove the wire. Both manual and electric wire strippers are useful.

Manual wire stripers are less expensive and require less space. They cost between $7 to $40 and can be used to strip wires from projects for home improvement or smaller electrical wires from items that are found in second-hand stores.

Electronic and Automatic Wire Strippers are considerably more costly (they could cost anywhere between $80 to $200) however they allow the stripping of wire at a greater rate than hand-held wire strippers. If you are considering scrapping copper wire as something you’re planning to perform a couple of each week, an effective automated wire stripper will make your life easier and save cash in the end.

Benefits Of Recycling Wires Made Of Copper

Before you figure out how you can recycle your copper wire you’ll need to understand the reasons why this method of recycling is advantageous to electricians.

Establish a reputation as a company that is sustainable

A positive image in the eyes of the public is an essential goal for any business. A track sustainable record can provide you with a competitive edge, helping you win more tenders for your projects.

If you are proactive in planning for and carrying out copper recycling you will be able to show how your business contributes to the community and also helps protect the ecosystem.

Remove all the debris from your work site

Whatever you’re doing, scrap wire is likely to accumulate quickly. This is why it’s crucial to establish a plan to dispose of your scrap before beginning work. A messy job site could hinder employee productivity and reflect badly on the image of your business. The cable and wire you have discarded should go to a place. Why not make it a recycling project?

Earn money from scrap wire

The most common reason for recycling copper is to earn money. Copper is a precious metal that can be used to pay back the costs of wiring.

The cost of copper fluctuates in the economic climate and is dependent on recycling centers. Certain kinds of copper wire cost more than other types.

What Are The Different Scrap Wire Stripping Solutions?

The non-burning option is the most sought-after option for cutting copper wire. There is no burning involved during the process of stripping any insulation left on the wire.

Utilizing the sun is a different method to strip copper wire. When stripping wires by hand you can count on the sun’s heat to speed up the stripping process. It is also possible to heat the wire inside an oven after placing it in an unlit box. Heating will soften the insulation and will be easier to cut off with the hand or a razor.

The third approach involves making use of a wire stripper. It is recommended to purchase the tabletop model and familiarize yourself with the. The directions for stripping various sizes and types are printed in the manual or on the device in the manual. It’s also sensible to use separate containers to store the insulator being stripped.

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