The high-tech era has made some items obsolete. However, job ads are still vitally important. In actuality, they serve as the main means by which companies inform their audience about their hiring needs. 80% of job searches begin on Google, and 30% of all Google searches are for jobs, a statistic that Google must have known about long before launching Google for Jobs. And how do you get from a Google search to a company’s hiring announcement? That’s right, the job posting is to blame. There are numerous platforms that usually give you whole access to post jobs for free for better candidate search and to know about the marketplace in a better and unique way out.

The defense hiring market has been completely upended. Five years ago, there were plenty of security-cleared specialists available since contractors weren’t hiring due to various reasons. When they did advertise a position, they could just sit back and watch the applications pour in. But now things work the other way, candidates are in charge at the moment. There are often more open positions than qualified applicants.

It’s tempting for businesses to throw their hands in the air and declare that “job ads don’t work anymore” because employment is increasing and the defense talent pool is getting smaller, but this is not the case. They are an essential part of a thorough recruitment strategy.

  • Even when there are fewer job seekers, companies still need to be found when inactive candidates become active and start seeking new opportunities. Timing is everything; if an employer doesn’t publish any openings, new job seekers won’t be aware of available opportunities when they switch from passive to active. Additionally, if your jobs aren’t publicised, people will assume you’re not hiring right now and will instead look at openings at your competitors.
  • Companies can market themselves to the sought-after passive through job posts. Even though factors like company culture, special benefits, and a worthwhile mission are important at all times, they are especially important during periods of full employment since they can help you lure prospects away from your rivals.
  • Job ads are only the start. Jobs placed on ClearanceJobs are sent to Google, Bing, numerous security-cleared partner sites, aggregator sites, Facebook, and Twitter, enabling you to reach a far wider audience and increasing the number of people who see your open opportunities.
  • If you hire frequently, you probably have a variety of positions that need to be filled. It’s common for employers to receive applications from candidates that may not be a good fit for the position you’re currently trying to fill when opportunities are posted. Could they, however, be a good fit for a future position? Your applicant tracking system gains potential candidates from job advertising for upcoming openings.


Therefore, it is clear from the above discussion that job posting is one of the major concepts when talking about getting a job or may be hiring for any particular position. These job postings can be done as per the requirement that is based on paid or free job postings as there are many paid and free Job Posting Sites in India.

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