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Instagram is a platform which has got too many users all across the world and this is very much popular among users. Insta gram offers its users with many features like saving posts, liking them, commenting on them, sharing them with friends, etc. 

Unlike any other platform Instagram provides its users with a feature using which they can see which posts they have liked and which not, this provides the users with an option that instead of saving a post a user can like it and then can see the liked posts later on so that they can use them if they want to. 

Interacting on social media can be very irritating sometimes like sometimes you like a post but before you can save it disappears from the screen because of refreshing or some other reason. 

The same happens with the users on Insta gram, but the thing which changes is that the users like the post they want but they are not able to find the posts they have liked later on. Do you wish to see the posts you have liked on Instagram, well there’s a way for the users. 

There is a way for the users to use what the users have liked recently and in this blog, we are going to guide the users on ‘how to see what you liked on Instagram so that the users can see it and look for the post they have been looking for. 

Steps to See Liked Posts on Instagram for the Users 

Here are the steps we have prepared for the users using which they can know how to view liked posts on Instagram but the users need to follow and execute all the steps mentioned below. 

  1 – For the first step the users need to open and launch Instagram on the device they are using be it an android device or an iPhone device and then they need to move to the step ahead. 

  2 – The users need to press on the account icon which they will find on the right side of the screen and after clicking on the account icon the users have to move ahead. 

  3 – Now, the users need to look for the three-line menu which they will find at the top right of the screen and when they find it they need to click on it. 

  4 – After clicking on the three menu icon the users need will come across a pop-up menu and then press on the option of your activity so that the users can get one more step close to seeing the liked posts. 

  5 – After pressing on your activity option the users need to tap on the interactions button following which they need to press on likes.

  6 – As soon as the users will hit on likes button they will be able to see the posts which they have recently liked and not one or two posts the users will be able to see 300 posts that they have liked. 

The users can sort and filter their likes using the sort and filter button which is on the top right corner of the screen, also the users can, unlike the posts which they do not want to see anymore in the liked list. 

A thing that the users need to keep in mind is that they can only see the liked posts which they have liked on the Instagram mobile app as this feature is not available for the desktop version users so if the users want to see the posts they have liked they can only do so by using the mobile device and using the app of Instagram on it. 

We hope that the information which the users have been provided by us was helpful and beneficial for them but the users need to follow all the steps correctly and precisely as it is given in this blog then only they will be able to get the desired result which they are looking for and the users will be able to see ‘post you liked on instagram 2022’

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