New Car Prices In Dubai - New Cars For Sale In Dubai

New Car Prices In Dubai New Cars For Sale In Dubai

Dubai’s hot climate and harsh environment are known to damage the exterior of cars – especially the car’s paintwork. Constant exposure to the sun, regular highway trips and exposure to environmental elements can easily corrode, fade and scratch your car’s finish. In addition, improper washing techniques, inexperienced drivers and makeshift car shine materials all increase the risk of losing your paintwork’s original condition.

In a desert metropolis such as Dubai, the sun and the desert environment can be quite unforgiving. Where temperatures can hit as high as 46 degrees, such that due to high temperature the new car prices in Dubai paint become highly susceptible to damage. UV rays, sand particles, acidic rain, debris, and road asphalt can easily fade, scratch, and crack the paint surface before you even notice it. Paint protection offers long-term shielding from these harmful elements, extending your car’s paint life and preserving its cosmetic value.


Today there are different types of paint protection. The most common is spraying chemicals not intended for human skin. These include polymer paint sealers that add a protective layer for a short time.

However, there are a few points to consider:

  • If you apply these sealers yourself and without the proper safety equipment, you are putting your health and your car’s exterior at risk.
  • For the protection to work, your car must be stripped of all or any other product.
  • Protection must be applied by a professional who knows how to clean the paint to ensure adhesion.
  • There is no way to correct any scratches or marks left behind if you decide to apply it yourself.
  • Nowadays, there are many detailing shops for new cars for sale in Dubai that advertise different types of car detailing. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, know that the cost of preparing or coating your car with a finish could potentially save you a lot of money down the road. 

It will also:

  • Give your car a great shine
  • Protect the paint from rain, wind and dust particles
  • Make cleaning your car easier
  • Extend protection against things like trees in your yard or UV rays when your car isn’t parked in a garage


As we said above, protecting your car paintwork is the only way to keep it looking new and shiny. Today, there are many advanced automotive paint protection technologies that can improve the appearance of your vehicle, but also increase its durability and resistance to damage.

Whatever you choose, you should work with a quality auto detailer to ensure you get a long-lasting paint protection solution. 

Below we list the types of paint protection to protect new car prices in Dubai.


Wax is one of the most common and well-known types of paint protection that can leave your vehicle with a lustrous finish. It is excellent against dirt and grime, but does not protect against scratches, chips, scrapes and chemicals. In fact, the detergent removes wax coatings quickly, and the durability of the wax depends on many external factors, such as the weather, the type of wax used and the frequency with which you wash your car. On average, wax usually lasts between two and four months.


Choosing a sealer for your new cars for sale in Dubai paint protection offers you a different type of bond compared to wax. A sealer bonds to the paintwork surface and is engineered to last longer than wax (up to 6 months with careful treatment). There are many options for protective coatings and one of the side benefits is to enhance the gloss of the vehicle while providing quality paint protection. However, their persistence is also vulnerable to the weather and the frequency with which you wash your car.


The ceramic coating lasts longer than wax and sealer and works with a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of the vehicle. This coating creates a bond with the painted surface and can last up to four years (or less, depending on the solution chosen). The type of protection works very well against paint damage caused by UV rays and other road chemicals.


If you are looking for a solution that will last the longest, you should consider applying a paint protection film to your vehicle. Composed of thermoplastic urethane, this solution is applied to all areas of the exterior most prone to paint damage. While not the ideal solution for full vehicle coverage, a film like this can protect all of your vehicle’s targeted areas (most prone to damage).


As you can see, there are more different options to protect new car prices in Dubai. The best way to decide what to choose is to set a budget and learn more from a professional who is trusted and recognized in the local market.

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