Yes, there is no doubt that playing an escape room game together with your friends or family is an immensely fun-filled activity. But now, you do not even have to head out of your house to enjoy the immersive and interactive experience of the escape room games! With the emergence of virtual escape rooms, you can welcome the same fun of playing in-house escape games at home!

Many escape game businesses have popped up worldwide to offer players unique and immersive virtual or remote escape room adventures. With these games, you can now enjoy the same gala time with your friends or family from the comfort of your home!

But this article has the answer for those who are still in doubt about the usefulness and fun that you can have by playing in a virtual escape room. So, gear up and read on!

What are virtual escape rooms?


You can think of virtual escape rooms as the remote version of your traditional escape room games. Just like the conventional escape games, virtual escape rooms also give you and your team an hour to solve the mystery and escape the room in time!

Usually, escape room companies host their virtual escape rooms over the Zoom platform for players separated from each other to connect in one place. Players can take part in the game from wherever they like! From their homes to even a quiet book shop, you can enjoy the virtual escape rooms from anywhere you want. Provided that you have a steady internet connection and preferably a laptop or desktop, you are good to go!

The gameplay of the virtual escape rooms remains the same as your traditional escape room experiences. You and your team will also find yourselves trapped inside a room. To escape the room, you must find all the hidden clues and puzzles and solve them before you run out of time!

What skills do I need to play in a virtual escape room?



Just like in any in-house escape room adventure, in remote or virtual escape rooms too, players need to exhibit certain vital qualities like:


Time management skills

Problem-solving abilities

Creative and innovative thinking capacity

Effective communication abilities

Team-building abilities

Keen observational abilities

When every player in your team successfully exhibits each of these qualities, you can win the escape room adventure!

Will I be alone in the virtual escape room?

In most virtual escape room games, you will usually encounter a game host and a game guide. They are present to guide you and your team through the virtual escape game.

Your game guide is a physical representation of your team in the escape room. You may even think of them as your very own game avatar! The function of the game host is to explain the particulars of the virtual escape room, like telling the aim, offering hints when needed, and even answering your questions.

To play the remote escape room game, you must provide clear instructions to your game guide and tell them where to go or what to do. Your game guide will help you turn the room upside down and hunt for vital clues and puzzles. Therefore, with their help, your team can uncover the puzzles and riddles hidden in the room and ace the escape room game!

Is it okay to ask for clues?


As fun as an escape room adventure is, it is not wise for your team to remain stuck with one puzzle or riddle for too long. Not only will it make your teammates frustrated and irritated with the game, but it will also reduce the time that you may have left to solve the rest of the puzzles.

In the escape room games, the rules always have provision for the game master to offer players a hint when they ask for it. Often if the game master finds that a particular team is trying to solve a puzzle for too long, they may even offer a hint to you! Virtual escape rooms also last for approximately an hour, so every minute is vital for your team to win the game.

Under such circumstances, ensure that accepts the hint. Being ignorant and not taking the lead when you feel the need for it will be of no ultimate use to your team! Generally, teams should ask for hints from their game master if they find themselves stuck with a single puzzle for over five or ten minutes.

Playing a virtual escape room game is a great way to bond with your friends and family from the comfort of your home. It does not matter whether you win or lose the game, so long as you remember to have fun and enjoy the thrill of the escape room chase!


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