Health Insurance

Health insurance is a boon to everyone who is looking to safeguard their savings from rapidly rising healthcare costs. However, the amount of coverage you want could cause your premiums to be high. Let’s understand how you can be sure to maximise the advantages of your health insurance plan by striking a good balance between your coverage and premium. 

Moreover, we strive to make your insurance journey easy and quick. You can check out the health plans on our Bajaj Finserv app and compare & buy accordingly.

Here, we have mentioned a few pointers that you can consider while buying a health insurance plan. 



Most health insurance plans provide additional benefits called riders that are priced individually. Some of the most commonly bought riders are critical illness cover, partial & total disabilities, room rent waiver, etc. You may choose only necessary riders based on your lifestyle, habits and specific health care requirements. 

Get a plan that you can customise according to your needs and choose your riders wisely before finalising your policy. 


Room Rent Covered 

In your health insurance policy, you can choose your hospital room rent coverage too. You can select from the high-end AC private room to the economical budget rooms. Take a smart decision and choose a hospital room with a low per-day cost to keep your premium amount in check. 


When you decide to pay a part of your expenses during hospitalisation then you opt for Co-payment. When you opt for co-payment, it automatically brings down your premium since you offer to pay a part of your bills thereby reducing the coverage that you will need to take from the insurer. Co-payment reduces the financial liability of your insurer, and this benefit is passed on to the policyholder. 


Healthy Lifestyle

Your healthy living habits can help you pay less premium. If you are a non-smoker and a non-drinker, you can also get a discount on your premium rate. A healthy lifestyle makes you pay less amount.


Online Purchase

An online purchase allows you to compare multiple health insurance policies across different insurers. You can choose & buy a policy digitally as per your health requirement from the comfort of your home. Make sure you purchase your health insurance policy online post comparing the various features & premium rates. 

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