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The operation of any electronics is poorly combined with aggressive environmental influences. One of the main obstacles to the use of headphones is traditionally considered outside noise, but there are more severe operating conditions. For example, not all music lovers are ready to give up listening to their favorite songs while plunging into the pool.

For such cases, manufacturers produce waterproof swimming headphones that are completely suitable for use underwater. They also have different sound characteristics, ergonomic features, and, of course, unusual designs.

Waterproof Headphones and how they work

The main feature of such models is the principle of operation. However, it cannot be called quite something revolutionary. In fact, for water lovers, the companies offer an audio player for swimming, which also includes headphones. As a rule, such devices work wirelessly, communicating through a Bluetooth module. In other words, this is a variation of a wireless stereo headset, only sharpened for the possibility of operation in conditions specific to electronics.

And yet there are different versions of the device, some of which provide for the separation of functions. For example, pool swimming headphones from a big brand would distribute tasks between different components of the system. The user receives headphones directly, as well as a control panel and a player, instead of which a smartphone can be used. In general, it turns out a functional layout.

What to consider when choosing waterproof headphones?

In terms of sound, the parameters are fully consistent with conventional headphones, so it is worth relying on the usual selection criteria in this part. This applies to both frequency range and impedance. The water-resistance properties deserve special attention. Here it is necessary to consider two important parameters: the permissible immersion depth and the device’s operating time in the same conditions. On average, waterproof headphones in the pool are designed for immersion up to 1.5-2 m. This is the optimal parameter for swimmers and ordinary fans of splashing in the water. But for divers, such a device is not suitable. As for the operating time, it fits into the standard duration of water procedures – about 30-40 minutes. And now it is worth considering reviews of specific proposals in this segment.

How much do waterproof headphones cost?

The inclusion of additional features traditionally increases the cost of gadgets and such an unusual protective quality as water resistance. One way or another, this class has budget options. Despite decent playback quality, some models are not suitable for confident use in aquatic environments. Some come with a price tag of $150. A good and effective wireless headset for underwater use would cost around $250 to $300.


Segments that open new practical properties of popular devices fill up quickly with manufacturers. But this did not happen with waterproof headphones. In essence, 3-4 companies form a new niche, so there is not much to choose from. So, if you need high-quality, reliable, and stylish headphones for swimming in the pool, then you should focus on quality sound products after doing deep research. Some are wired and some are wireless but having good sound and high-quality protective functions need to be looked into. Wires, of course, will interfere with active activities underwater and on its surface. So, choose wisely.