How Does Internet Speed Work?

When your internet connection is slow, you have a few options. You can attempt a modem reset, change techs, or perhaps even switch service providers. If the issue is not with the internet, then none of these solutions will help.

Additionally, you don’t want to have slow internet when downloading or watching an important event. Yes, you heard correctly—our lives are greatly impacted by internet speed. Additionally, it may have an impact on how we interact with our loved ones and at work.

It is crucial to understand how internet speed functions for this reason. You will discover some elements that can affect your internet speed in this post, along with information on the NBN speed tiers.

Factors affecting your internet speed

Your internet speed is impacted by a variety of variables. Some of which are under your control, some not. You have little control over the vast majority of elements that affect your internet speed. However, for a modest cost, many providers will boost your internet speed.

Technology type:

What kind of high-speed internet do you use? Your technology selection has the biggest impact on your speed. For instance, you’ll notice a speed difference if you use ADSL in comparison to cable. The same is true for many NBN configurations. Comparatively speaking, FTTP offers a faster speed profile than FTTN.


Determining your internet quality may require understanding the local technology landscape. For instance, if you reside in an area covered by the NBN HFC footprint, the usage of fiber-optic cable will certainly result in a superior internet connection for you. However, if you reside in a region with an NBN FTTN connection, more copper cables will be needed.


It is a given that using the same Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi frequency will make your connection slower. If you use a low transfer rate modem online, the connection will degrade. The same holds true if you’re connecting to the network using an outdated computer. Your download speed will be reduced even if your modem has a fast line speed if you use an outdated gadget with your internet connection.


The internet is indeed a busy road. You will have to wait longer to reach your destination (or download a file) if there is a lot of traffic. The same is true when for cheap internet plans connections. If there are more users trying to access your network, your speed will slow down, likewise, if there are more users in your neighborhood or home, your speed will slow down.


If your provider only offers restricted data plans, your internet speed may decrease. Even though unlimited data plans are increasingly popular for both home and mobile use, if you have this issue, your speed may return to normal once your data cap is dropped.

Choosing a suitable internet speed as part of your NBN package

Most carriers provide a variety of speed levels if you’re fortunate enough to reside in an NBN-enabled location (e.g., 25 Megabits per second, 50 Mbps). You might be considering whether paying extra for a higher level is worthwhile. We’ve put together some recommendations below to aid in your decision-making with the assistance of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Asic Evening Speed:

The entry-level plan is perfect for the basics. If you want to connect to cheap internet plans because your current internet speed is too slow, you might experience a decrease or increase in rate depending on the condition of your connection.

Standard Evening Speed:

During peak times, this plan is ideal for people who watch a high-definition movie while listening to music on another device.

Standard Plus Evening Speed:

“One or more devices” might not just mean your phone when it comes to high-speed internet. With this plan, you can simultaneously stream an ultrahigh-definition movie and music.

Premium Evening Speed:

On the NBN, this is the best internet connection. People who want a faster connection speed can use their link to watch ultra-high-definition movies, play games during peak hours, or for watching ultra-high-definition movies.

What if your NBN isn’t fast enough?

If your internet isn’t fast enough, you may want to consider upgrading. Contact your service provider if you’re paying for a higher level but not getting the expected speeds.


Your Internet connection is constantly in use, whether you’re accessing a webpage, viewing a YouTube video, or chatting with friends on Facebook. You probably don’t think much about the technical aspects of data transmission or how quickly your Internet connection is. However, there is actually a lot going on in the background when you browse, and it all begins with how quickly you can send and receive data over the Internet. Find out what factors influence your speed and what is healthy for you. you can also get more information about Australia’s New Models: Association versus Cordless Ongoing?

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