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Hoverboards have been all the rage on the internet for a number of years – especially among children. But as fun as the means of transport on two wheels is, it also harbors as many dangers. That’s why in this blog article we explain everything to do with hoverboards for children and tips and tricks so that your child doesn’t unnecessarily expose themselves to danger and hurt themselves.

What is a hoverboard and how do you control it?

Hoverboards are – like the city scooters were back then – a modern way of getting around, which is particularly well suited for short distances. Another name is “Mini Segways”. However, they differed from the Segways in that they did not have a handrail.


As shown in the picture, hoverboards consist of two platforms with wheels connected by an axle. This makes them more agile and you steer them intuitively by shifting your weight. Acceleration and braking are also controlled in this way. A gyro stabilizer, also known as a gyroscope, prevents the board from tipping over while riding.

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Hoverboard for kids- how kids-friendly are they and what should you consider when driving?

Where can kids ride the hoverboards?

Hoverboards can drive faster than 6 km/h and may therefore only be moved in “delimited non-public traffic”. These include, for example, separate inner courtyards, terraces, or gardens. Public roads and paths may not be used, as the seat, handlebars, brakes, and lighting are missing on a hoverboard.

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Before using it on demarcated, non-public premises, it should be checked whether private liability insurance applies. Most of the time this is not the case and you will have to pay for any damage to the property yourself.

Theoretically, if you want to drive a hoverboard, you need a driver’s license. The boards could fall under class A, A1, A2, AM, or B. In the case of a category A assignment, only Kids over the age of 16 are allowed to ride them after they have passed the relevant moped driving license test.

The consequence: Hoverboards may not be used on public roads, sidewalks, and paths. If you still drive a hoverboard on a public road and you do not have the appropriate driver’s license class, you are also liable to prosecution under Section 21 (driving without a driver’s license).

Age recommendation – When does a hoverboard make sense for Kids?

The operation and use of the hoverboard requires a certain development of the individual ability to balance and sense of equilibrium. Therefore, most manufacturers recommend using a hoverboard from the age of 10 years.

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