Hoverboards actually have something in common with electric hoverboard it’s just that they work a little differently. The Hoverboard does not require major movements to control the Hoverboard’s movement by simply leaning forward or backward. In contrast to electric skateboards that use a controller to move forward and also sometimes use large movements to maneuver.

The Hoverboard itself has a more futuristic design compared to the Hoverboard and even now there are Hoverboards that can actually float so that it lives up to its name. With a futuristic design, of course the Hoverboard itself is made using components which have their respective duties and functions.

Below we will provide some of the components of the Hoverboard along with their uses and functions.

1. Outer Frame And Also Inner Frame

This one component is clear besides being a place to attach electrical components and also other supporting components as a front display to attract the interest of prospective customers. This component is also very important because it is one that will ensure your safety while driving.

With a sturdy frame, the Hoverboard can support your weight properly and safely because it is clear that the Hoverboard is ridden by being stepped on or climbed on, so it is very important to have a sturdy frame.

2. Motherboard

As with other devices, the motherboard on the Hoverboard also functions as a place for attaching various electrical components to make this Hoverboard move. The motherboard also functions as a liaison between components.

3. Sensor System

These two components function as sensors that detect your commands. Like when you set your foot on the Hoverboard, this sensor will immediately read the command that you will give later. Such as backward movement, forward movement or turning movement. So you can make your Hoverboard move according to your orders.

4. Electric Motors

Every vehicle that uses electricity as its main power must use an electric motor to move the vehicle which in this case is the Hoverboard. With an electric motor, the Hoverboard can move according to what the sensor tells it to do. Which of course is captured by the sensor because of your commands to use these gestures.

5. LED lamp

As the name suggests, this LED light definitely functions as the lighting you need when you drive in a place with minimal lighting. With this LED light, you will safely drive your Hoverboard without worrying about going through a dark place.
The LED lamp itself was chosen because it is not only bright but also this type of lamp is indeed more economical and also safer than other types of lamps. Thus ensuring the riders are not only comfortable but also safe.

6. Lithium – Ion Battery

Batteries are an important component of Hoverboards without batteries. Hoverboards are no different from conventional skateboards. The battery itself has a lifespan known as a charge cycle. Manufacturers or manufacturers claim that their batteries can last 300 to 500 charge cycles. But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that if you have passed this cycle, your battery will no longer be used.
However, after your battery has gone through these cycles, the maximum amount of your battery’s capacity will decrease, usually by 25 to 30 percent. Now with a decrease in capacity this is what makes your battery performance decrease. So make sure to take care of your Hoverboard’s battery.

7. Charging Port

It’s clear from the name, this component functions to charge when the battery on your Hoverboard starts to run low. For charging itself, don’t overcharge, so you have to make sure to unplug your charger when the charging indicator light says that your battery is full.
Because if it reaches overcharging it will have a bad impact on the battery you have and even on your Hoverboard.

8. A Pair of Wheels

Indeed, now there are Hoverboards that don’t use wheels, but these Hoverboards really float. However, almost all Hoverboards on the market have wheels and their function is clear, namely to move from one place to another.
So, those are some of the important components of the hoverboard and their functions and how they work.

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