A report predicts that internet-based businesses will expand by 16% to 19% in 2020 as the eCommerce market continues to grow gradually. The eCommerce industry has unimaginable potential, which breeds uncertainty, excitement, and surprises. When considering the group of companies that sell their products online, the risk for them in terms of deliveries is always high.  There could be a complete loss of time and resources if the address is typed incorrectly. However, the e-commerce business could raise customer satisfaction by lowering missed deliveries and fee adjustments by verifying an address. Therefore, the address verification method is essential for the success of an online business. Shufti Pro Funding is one of many service providers that are raising money to develop address verification systems.


Verification of Address for eCommerce 

One of the most significant parts of the shipping and online shopping industry is online address verification. Postal addresses are a critical component in these enterprises, and they must be immediately regulated and checked online. Address verification consists of two phases. The first step is to confirm that the information presented online is correct and correlates perfectly with a real place. After that, the identification database should be updated with all of the relevant information. This method guarantees that products are delivered to the proper address, avoiding errors caused by duplication, typos, or other difficulties.


Incomplete Address Verification Causes Problems

The online store has experienced delivery issues ever since it opened. Since the beginning of its operations, the online store has had delivery problems. 


Customers expecting free shipping 

One of the primary issues that have a direct impact on client demand is, in most circumstances, customers expect free shipment. This demand puts further pressure on the corporation to provide free delivery and better customer service. Address verification might enhance shipping methods and save money. Businesses can offer free delivery by using the money they save on expenses.


A change in address is more or less costly 

Shipping businesses levy this tax in order to cover their shipping costs. Negligence in verifying address when the delivery address is missing or incorrect, additional costs for address correction are levied. Address verification can assist in preventing these types of mistakes and save businesses money on costly correction expenses.


High shipping expenses 

Due to incorrect address verification procedures, most companies receive returned boxes containing delivered items. Shipping costs were reevaluated to compromise on the loss. As a result, if the address is not authentic, they will not be answerable for the delivery price. Customers usually avoid purchasing from online businesses with high delivery fees. Address verification may alleviate companies’ concerns about shipments being returned. There is no need to raise the shipping fee if the shipment is delivered to the proper address from the start.

Significance and Authenticity of Online Address Verification 

E-commerce has undergone a complete transformation thanks to the address verification system . Here the well-known examples of it,

Customer Satisfaction and Pride 

Customer satisfaction is critical to the growth of any organization. When the consumer has finished filling the cart, the digital onboarding system immediately obtains it. It saves time for customers and reduces shopping cart abandonment. As a result, if the buyer is under no obligation to do anything other than purchase the items, their trust will develop.  This will turn your customers into repeat ones. 


Leave aside all the advantages and disadvantages. Consider how much time you could save if the item was delivered at the correct spot. Significant amounts of resources can be saved by utilising this time more efficiently. Growing sales and concentrating on the business rather than worrying about going bankrupt might both benefit from it.


E-commerce has already influenced business processes. This industry makes conducting business very simple because it lacks substantial infrastructure. However, this business, like any other, has its limitations. Orders that are late or difficult to deliver have a negative influence on the e-commerce firm, resulting in dissatisfied consumers, no loyal customers, and fewer revenues. Addresses are reviewed and rectified using the address verification approach to ensure that orders are delivered at the correct location and time. According to Shufti Pro News, the implementation of an effective address verification system has made the e-commerce business more profitable and easier to run. Digitally validated locations can cut wait times and improve the customer experience.

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