A one-stop-shop solution sounds interesting, isn’t it? As the name goes, it’s a shop where you can get everything from A to Z! Gojek clone app is one such stop where your customers can shop for anything – from booking a luxurious taxi ride to calling a plumber and sending parcels. Customers across the world are using these multi-services apps to book professional services right from one place, without downloading thousands of different apps!

Now you might want to know more about these multiple services. So, let’s discuss them in this blog!

The Gojek Clone App and Its Top 5 On-demand Services

The on-demand app solution offers more than 82+ on-demand services. However, to make you aware of this app’s capabilities enlisted below are the top 5 services. The customers will use these services every day or at least more frequently!

Online taxi booking service

The taxi booking service lets the customers book a ride from X location to Y in the same city. Android users can use their smartphones to book a taxi whereas iPhone users can use their phone as well as the iWatch to book a ride.

The process:

Open the app > Add pick-up and drop-off location > Select the vehicle type > Choose payment option > Send the ride request

Online food/grocery ordering service

Your customers can order food/grocery online and get it delivered to the front doors. Gojek clone enlists a number of restaurants/stores from where the customers can choose to make the purchase. Afterwhich a vaccinated delivery driver will drop off the package!

The process:

Open the app > Select the restaurant/store > Add items to the cart > Choose the delivery option (normal, contactless, takeaway) > Select a payment method > Place the order

Order medicines at home

It was the talk of the past when people used to stand in long queues to purchase the medicines. In today’s era, medicines can walk straight to the customer’s doorstep. How? Well, your customers can upload the prescription on the app and get their medicines delivered by a driver. This on-demand app solution feature is great for those who are still fear-stricken at the Coronavirus.

The process:

Open the app > Select the pharmacy near you > Select the medicines > Upload the prescription for medicines that require one > Select the payment method > Place the order.

On-demand service provider

The Gojek clone app also allows your customers to book a professional’s at-home service and even an appointment. The customers get a variety of professional services to choose from including – beauticians, plumbers, dog walkers, babysitters, tow trucks,masseuses, and so on.

The process:

Open the app > Click on the service category you want > Choose the subcategory > Select the service provider of your choice > Add additional instructions (if any) > Choose the service type (at home or at the provider’s location) > Book Now or Book Later

Delivery genie or runner

Delivery genie or runner is yet another service that the customers would like to choose frequently. Here, the genie is a professional shopper who goes around the local market to fetch, purchase, and deliver the stuff you asked them to. On the other hand, the delivery runner is a driver who delivers everything and anything you want from one place to another.

The process:

Open the Gojek Clone > click on delivery genie or runner > add the pick-up and drop-off location > Add additional instructions > Record and upload the voice instruction for delivery > Pay for the service


The Gojek Clone app is a multi-service app that offers an abundant amount of on-demand facilities and much more. Well, words cannot define how excellent this app is. However, you can try it for yourself by taking a free demo app trial.

Get the clone app script from industry experts and launch a super app like Gojek!

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