It is fun to experiment with hairstyles. Whether you are gunning for a new look, dying your flocks with a new color, or shaving your head bald, there is always a thrill when you do something new. And it is no secret that there are plenty of cuts that everyone can try. For the ladies, you have choices like butterfly haircut, air bangs, power bob, and many more. Meanwhile, gents have options like fade, undercut, comb over, and faux hawk, among others.

But despite these stylish modern trends, one can admit that the 80s and 90s have fashionable cuts. If you are tired of your go-to styles, be it a wolf cut hair or a buzzcut, these retro periods have options for you. With that said, here are eight trends from the 80s and 90s for you to experiment with.

Women’s Hairstyles
Ladies first! Are you feeling like changing your look a bit and doing something a little retro? If so, here are four retro hairstyles for you to try.

1. Whale Spout Ponytail
Let us kick the list off with an 80s hair trend that gave the period its playful or vibrant vibe. Finding an 80s Hollywood movie is almost impossible without a young lady rocking a whale spout ponytail. When Debbie Gibson popularized this hair trend, nearly every young girl or teenager reached for their scrunchie and rocked this hairstyle themselves.

However, you may think that this style is too retro for your taste. In that case, no worries. You can give this hair trend a modernized twist – a looser version to help maintain the volume of your hair while you sleep. Easy to make and playful to the eyes, you will not go wrong with a classic or modernized whale spout ponytail for a vibrant retro vibe.

2. Floral Fusion
Maybe you prefer styling your hair with some additional accessories to make yourself look more different or stylish. Sure, some hairclips can do the trick, but you want something leaning more towards nature. In this case, floral fusion is perhaps the ideal trend for you to try.

It may look plain, but floral fusion is not only easy to do but also elegant to the eyes. Sweep your hair on one side, then place a flower on the other. Most might prefer a white flower, as it can complement your makeup well. And speaking of makeup, use lipstick with a contrasting color as it can make you look more attractive.

3. Natural Hair with Butterfly Clips
Up next is a hair trend that accurately depicts the fashionable 90s period. Women used a massive selection of hair accessories during this time, and some of them included scrunchies, barrettes, and slides. And if you want the most iconic option, try styling your natural hair with a couple or a few butterfly clips for an authentic 90s look.

Whether you have curly hair or a straight one, butterfly clips will look nice with your hair. Aside from not worrying about having to style your hair for a long time, these clips will give your locks some vibrant appeal. Overall, if you prefer a 90s hair trend that is straightforward yet stylish, try doing this one.

4. Side Pigtails with Colored Hairclips
The 80s is not the only period that has playful hairstyles. Like the time before, the 90s has its selection of vibrant trends that you can try rocking today, and one of them is this entry. Should you want another hairstyle that is easy to do but is also playful, try flaunting side pigtails with colored hair clips.

Release your inner Baby Spice with this 90s trend! You might look childish when you rock this style, but as long as you style your hair more on being cool, there are no worries. Bonus points if you pair this style with punky or edgy outfits and makeup.

Men’s Hairstyles
Who says stylish hairstyles are exclusive to the ladies? Gents, get to your favorite barber if you feel like rocking an old-school vibe. Here are four options for you to consider.

5. Mullet
Let us start the men’s list with an iconic style straight out of the 80s. Short in the front and long in the back, almost everyone can recognize the mullet haircut when they see one. And it is not just for men, too, as several women have rocked this trend.

But let us get back to men’s mullets. If you want a hairstyle with a statement that has a quirky touch, you can try doing a modernized version. But if you are feeling a little retro, there is nothing wrong with rocking the classic. After all, actors like Chuck Norris and Richard Dean Anderson made this style look fabulous.

6. Pompadour
Maybe you want your flocks to look classy and vintage but have a rockstar appeal. Luckily, the 80s have a variety of hair trends perfect for any rockstar. But if you want a more vintage ladies’ man look, try sporting a pompadour.

This trend highlights hair volume, so it is no surprise that it took the 80s by storm. Or, if you want your hair to make a statement, try sporting a traditional ultra-high, slick pompadour. Either way, you will make yourself look more dashing with this vintage trend.
7. Flat Top
The 90s has a wide selection of hair trends that have their respective swagger and vibe. Aside from styles, it also offered some of the most iconic TV shows many people enjoyed. And if you want a stylish haircut from a beloved series, the flat top might be ideal for you.

To rock this retro hairstyle, you do not have to be a fresh prince! As its name indicated, you can easily recognize a flat top due to its flat sides and the raised and flat portion of the hair. So if you feel like sporting an iconic 90s trend, try getting the flat top for a throwback appeal.

8. Curly Top
And just because you have curly or wavy hair does not mean you cannot flaunt a 90s look. On the contrary, some hair trends during this period use a man’s naturally wavy flocks. Should you be looking for one option, the curly top is a perfect choice.

Although some people compare curly tops to noodles, this 90s trend has its own charm. As its name implies, the top portion of the hair is curly while the sides are left straight. And with such an appeal, it is no surprise that Ian Ziering and Justin Timberlake sported this cut.

In a Nutshell,
Though some may say that they do not look stylish today, the 80s and 90s are memorable in their way. And as more people start to enjoy retro vibes now, who knows? These hair trends might make their comeback. For more hair and aesthetic details, visit!

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