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Remember the moment when Pierre Gasly was crowned the GP2 World Champion in 2016? Or when Esteban Ocon drove flawlessly to seal a Grand Prix victory in 2021? Chances are you’ll never forget the moments of victory that your favorite Formula 1 drivers snagged in recent years, and you want others to share in that feeling. Fortunately, wearing F1 apparel is the easiest way to show your support for your team and strike up conversations with others about your number-one driver.

The question is, where exactly can you find the best F1 merchandise, like shirts and beanies? And how can you guarantee that the apparel you purchase will be both genuine and affordable?


Here’s a rundown on the top places to find F1 apparel this fall season!

F1 Race Events

One of the best places to buy F1 apparel is, of course, at an upcoming race event. All F1 race events are loaded with kiosks, tents, stalls, and booths where you can find F1 team merchandise, ranging from caps to hoodies.

At these events, you’ll find that some stalls sell merchandise for only specific teams. Meanwhile, others offer merchandise from several or all F1 teams. You may also come across stalls featuring F1 merch promoting former racing teams or drivers, which is perfect for any Formula 1 history buff.

A major advantage of purchasing apparel from a Formula 1 race event stall is that your chosen items will definitely be official. That’s because these events are heavily regulated, so counterfeit items for sale are banned at them. These events also offer a slew of merchandise options, so you should have no problem with finding one that suits your personality and style.

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of buying merch straight from a Formula 1 event is that you get to take a major souvenir home with you. If your favorite driver or team wins the race, that will make the souvenir that much more special.

Still, one of the disadvantages of buying at a race event is the lengthy lines. In addition, certain in-demand items may sell out fairly quickly, as stalls can carry only limited quantities of their items. And like at any event, race event merchandise tends to be quite expensive. Don’t be surprised if a single piece will set you back a few hundred dollars.

F1 Team Online Stores

Don’t have time to make an F1 race event? Consider visiting your favorite team’s official online store to purchase some of their merchandise. These stores offer everything from umbrellas to key rings and even water bottles.

The benefit of these stores is that every piece sold from them is legitimate and high in quality. The stores are also both safe and easy to use. As a loyal fan of your team, you’ll also love the fact that the money you spend on your apparel will go to your team directly.

Team stores are also popular in that they carry broad selections of merch and offer fast turnaround times. Still, as with race events, a major con of buying from an F1 team’s store is that the prices are generally high.

Third-Party Stores

Finally, look for your favorite F1 team merchandise at an online store other than an official F1 team store. Look for a third-party authentic F1 merch store that offers team wear (what the teams themselves wear) as well as fan wear (apparel that does not have a sponsor’s logo on it) depending on your particular interest.

At these types of stores, the top Formula 1 team apparel sellers typically include motorsport jackets, hats, t-shirts, polos, vests, and accessories. Ideally, the company you choose should stand out for offering licensed pieces at relatively affordable prices. For example, some companies offer free shipping on orders of a certain size, and you may even be able to also get 10% off simply by signing up for the company’s newsletter.

In addition, look for a company that offers fast shipping worldwide, as they should have no problem with accommodating your order. Before you purchase merch from a third-party company, be sure to also double-check reviews from previous customers on social media to make sure that they have earned high ratings for customer service and engagement.

Support Your Racing Team with the Latest F1 Apparel Today

With the right merchandise, you can easily promote your favorite F1 racing team whether you’re at the bar, the barber shop, or anywhere in between. The trick, though, is finding authentic apparel that won’t break the bank.

Consider the above-listed avenues for purchasing F1 team apparel as you seek original merch at competitive prices. The right source will make it easier than ever to show off your Formula 1 team pride in the racing seasons ahead.


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