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The post-COVID world is more prone to criminal actions. During the pandemic, lockdowns restricted businesses from operations and online businesses kept the financial sector in a running state. Over-digitization provided new channels for committing crimes to fraudsters. Criminals never stop crime whereas global authorities need to show responsible actions against financial crooks. Digital vaccine certificate verification is imperative to thwart financial swindlers as fake vaccine distribution is becoming a common source of making illegal money. 

CNBC reveals New York nurses faced a penalty for forging the COVID vaccine and earning more than $1.5 million. It indicates that fake vaccine certificate vaccines are common in different parts of the world. It strengthens the need for COVID certificate verification to stop the vicious attempts by criminals. 

Meaning of a Digital Certificate Vaccine Verification

It refers to the individual being fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 anti-virus. Furthermore, it verifies that the bearer is immune to the contagious virus. Vaccinated individuals can move freely carrying the verified vaccine certificate in public gatherings, workspaces, etc. All the financial industries need to verify COVID certificate to counter criminal activities. 

Vaccine Passport & its Significance 

A vaccine passport is known as an immunity card or health pass to determine that the bearer has a degree of immunity against the infectious COVID-19 virus. The core motive of a vaccine passport is to allow people to travel cross-border easily. “Vaccine Passport” can be in the form of QR codes or paper documents. To issue vaccine passports, it is obligatory to verify COVID certificate for all the vaccinated people. The issuance of COVID certificates to unvaccinated people can be risky for the travel industry. Fake vaccine certificates can cause health issues in virus-free countries as well. The EU member states first introduced the vaccine passport policy to make cross-border traveling easy for vaccinated people. The US also introduced the policy in several states for safe travel. Another importance of the vaccine passport is to liberate people from carrying two documents: a verified COVID vaccine certificate and a vaccine passport. 

Hurdles in the Global Implementation of Vaccine Passport 

A vaccine passport is a good policy to introduce in this post-COVID world. Despite the significance, there are a number of barriers to its implementation. In this era of globalization, an inclusive approach is imperative to meet the targets. The first hurdle is the large unvaccinated population with fake vaccine certificates. It requires a credible system to verify vaccine certificate using digital platforms. The complete population of third-world countries is not even vaccinated against COVID. Thus, the implementation of vaccine passports is a challenge for poor nations due to the heavy cost. Another hurdle is the integration of global systems, global data collection and maintenance. Furthermore, there are deep privacy concerns among people regarding the implementation of vaccine passports. The world is not fully prepared for the proper implementation of vaccine passports. 

COVID Certificate Fraud & Illegal Cash Flow Problems 

Coronavirus has already taken a huge toll on human lives. Illegal financial activities on the pretext of COVID certificate verification is a growing financial challenge deeply impacting the global economy. Fake rumors about vaccination have made people afraid of COVID vaccination. It streamlined the path for criminals to open fake coronavirus certificate verification centers for fake vaccine certificate distribution. The unverified, unregistered and fraud companies take funds from state-banned organizations for making more money. Vaccine certificate distribution among unvaccinated individuals is a serious health threat. On the other hand, it allows criminals to make free money and transfer illegally obtained cash to cross-border fake accounts. It substantiates the demand for digital vaccine certificate verification on a war-footing basis to counter criminal activities. 

Automation Pivotal Role in COVID Certificate Verification 

Machine learning and deep learning are playing magical roles in the world of digital verification. Artificial intelligence is effectively serving for vaccine certificate verification. AI-enabled models and machine learning algorithms help to extract the vaccine certificate data. The custom algorithms generate required information using API calls. After processing, the information record is stored in the system’s database. In the case of fake information or fake vaccine certificate cards, an automated system detects it within no time. 

Final Thoughts

The post-COVID world is witnessing rapid digital integration on a global level. Vaccination is obligatory for all individuals to operate in the financial world. Global regulatory authorities should take COVID certification verify as a challenge for a secure world. Financial freedom and integrity are difficult to achieve without robust COVID certificate verification compliance procedures. 

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