Why to Pursue Chartered Accountancy

Once you take up commerce, a number of career options spring up, but a majority of students are seen to be inclined towards Chartered Accountancy(CA), why?

There are a lot of career options for commerce students such as CA, CS, CMA(CA), MBA, Competitive exams, etc. But now a recent trend has emerged where we see even science students opting for the CA course. So it is really questionable that why CA is becoming such a sought-after profession for the youth. Let’s pen down some points as to why one should pursue Chartered Accountancy as a career.

1. It is Always Better to Have Options

With CA as a proud pre-fix to your name, you will have the option to join a job or practice on your own. You can be working under someone or build a team of your own whenever you think is the right time to do so, thus realising your dream to be an entrepreneur as well.

CA is a globally recognised profession you have the option of working in India or outside India as well. Not only this, Chartered Accountants can even apply for higher posts in Government organisations, Banks, etc. Thus we say being a CA gives you flexibility.

2. High Bank Balance

Every business be it big or small needs the help of a chartered accountant. There are a number of compliances to meet which can only be simplified by a CA. As such, Chartered Accountancy becomes one of the most sought-after professions of the time.

So, earning a good sum of money whether in a job or in self-practice will never be a problem. As per VSI Jaipur, the CA salary offered by the Big 4 companies to freshers ranges from 8-10 lakhs per annum. For the experienced CAs, it can go up to Rs. 23 lakhs.

3. Updated Brains of the Time

Chartered Accountancy is a very dynamic, rewarding and challenging profession. One needs to be fully aware of all the tax rules and regulations, auditing rules as well as accounting rules. As such being around a CA is always fun and interesting.

With accountancy gaining a lot of importance, the services of CA have become very essential in money-related matters. Hence It is rightly said that to be a CA.

However, one needs to study a lot as even after becoming a CA, they will have to keep studying the budget, rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry of Finance, budget, etc.

But then in this fast-paced world where in a blink of an eye we can become a social media sensation, being updated on the happenings in the world seems to be mandatory.

4. Career Security

CA is a degree one earns after years of hard work and practice. One needs to clear Foundation, Inter, start articleship training and appear for the Finals. People even opt for Industrial Training for career enhancement after completing CA. As such this degree is earned and hence makes this career very secure.

Even if you want to leave your job because of a bad working environment, you can take up practice anytime, without changing your career. So it can rightly be said Once a CA, always A CA.

5. Bundle of Life Experiences

CA as a career will not only make you well versed in the finance world but will also teach you to be patient and hard-working. Most students migrate from their hometowns to bigger cities to pursue CA. Apart from studies, they experience independence, competition, and friendship and learn various life lessons.

6. Profession in Demand

With time any economy is bound to increase and this clearly indicates an increase in businesses around the world. With the increase in business, there will be a growth in the demand for CAs. So where people become jobless, if you are a chartered accountant, I say you are quite safe. Technology is seen to be replacing people everywhere. But being a CA puts you in an advantageous position of being the link between companies and technical knowledge.

7. Entry Point to Various Other Professions

In bigger metropolitan cities, we see CAs turning into teachers, professors, guest lecturers, etc. Chartered accountants are invited by very prestigious institutions to deliver lectures. Further renowned CAs also train business professionals and management personnel about best practices to be adopted in an organisation.

Not only this, many CAs have taken full-time teaching as their career and have opened very successful coaching institutes to build an army of future CAs. Many CAs have also authored a lot of books on taxation, auditing, best accounting practices, etc for various educational purposes. So if you think becoming a CA is the end, you are mistaken my friend.

We say do what makes you happy and having a lot of options in a career opportunity can make anyone happy. So, this is why CA can be your ultimate goal as you would get to experience a lot of opportunities with an honourable title to your name.

Being called a CA is a dream come true to many youngsters who don’t like having an office of their own or say authoring a book with their name on it. With CA there is no end to your imagination, so why wait, start working and dreaming!!

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