Center to the tallest mountains on the planet earth, the Himalayas are wide- flexible covering the country Bhutan, Nepal and India exploring its starting and termination in Pakistan and China. Stint Everest created most of the header, several hills are conspicuous and revelation in their attributes, surviving here solitary and cannot be recreated in any location in the world, principally when you embrace ranges of mountains that are located to the western side of the Hindu Kush, Karakoram and the Indus- the Pamir. 

We’re blessed to be born in this beautiful country that offers this exalted range. At some phase in our life, we’ve all needed to trek the majestic Himalayas.  Few of us have made that notion into an actuality and few of us are quite meditating. Regardless, there’s always more to know about such peaks to have a trekking experience, the list of Himalaya isn’t really comprehensive.  The motive of this article is to share and focus on a few of the questionnaires you might have in your brain concerning trekking in the Himalayas.

Ideal Himalayan treks in India

Below is the list of the best Himalayan trek in India you must experience once in your lifetime. 

Chadar Trek

The encounter of this trek can be termed in one word- Unreal, but the trek is filled with components of its own. It isn’t just the breathtaking scenery, horrendous temperature, or the adventurous walk that created it so exceptional, but the serene people of Zanskari and their ductility and welcoming  of the tough challenges is what charms most of the explorers.  If we talk about the course history of this trek, the evolution of stocky ice in winter season on the river Zanskar eases the residents to utilize it as a bridge to adjoin to the different side and collect bestows for the upcoming months. As the narrative goes, trekking in Chadar was so dangerous and incalculable in the past days that every person in the village would ensure to clear his tally and debts prior to beginning the Chadar trek, whether or not, the river consumed them during the high-risk tour. This spot is located at an altitude of 3383 meters and the level of difficulty is high, that is why it’s not recommended for beginners. Ideal duration to experience this trek is from January to the end of February.

Kedarkantha trek

Along with trees of and dropping snow, this place is one of the most endeavor after snow-capped trek in India producing what you call a remarkable pictorial sight. This trek is graded relatively simpler and while it’s attractive in the summer season, it’s pretty and entirely backed with snow in winter season. 

The Kedarkantha trek also offers an immense opportunity to experience some of the struggle of distant villages of the region of Uttarakhand Himalayas. This is termed as the finest trek of Himalaya in the month of March. This location is situated on an altitude level of 3800 meters and the grade of toughness level is easy to moderate. If you want to enjoy this trek at its potential then it’s recommended to visit from December to March.

Valley of Flowers trek

The name itself describes it as a lively and impressive national park with several sheets of blossoming, enchanting paddocks of nordic flowers. Situated in the Northern part of Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand, it is chartered as a fabled trek that’s popular all around the globe. It starts at the sacred city of Haridwar and resumes along the side of the Pushpavati river. The altitude level of Valley of Flowers is 6750 meters and the level of difficulty is defined as easy to moderate. Best time to carry out trekking here is from June to October.

Har ki Dun trek 

This is known as a captivating encounter for trek lovers who have ventured out to visit the Himalayas both in Summer and Winter season. Enhanced with several different kinds of fauna and flora, it provides a spectacular sight of snow-covered peaks, influenced by Mount. Swargarohini. The Har Ki Dun trek begins from Sankri to Osla has several kinds of plants, animals, and trees etc. The sanctuary named Govind wildlife is on the path where you can locate a lot of rare animals like Vultures, Parakeets, etc. There are many beautiful sites for camp that uplifts this trek into an unforgettable one. The sight of the sunrise is most likely one of the finest sunrises you’ll ever witness with your naked eye. You also get a chance to timbre your tent by the side of the river or in the middle of the raven and almost every night you end up sighting uncountable stars.. 


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