Best Family and Children's Films of 2022

Those looking for the best family and kid movies of 2022 should consult Ranker users, who have identified several such films.

The success of the Disney+ film Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers demonstrated that 2022 is already a strong year for movies aimed at children and families. Indeed, many of the most popular and successful streaming services released films that captured the fun and pleasure of youth, appealing to a diverse audience that included nostalgic millennials and their children.

However, while there have been many films released this year, only a few can truly be called the best, which is why it is so useful that Ranker users have identified which deserve this honour.

Because ranker lists are live and continue to receive votes, some rankings may have changed since this publication.

Rescued By Ruby

Netflix Streaming

There’s something inherently appealing about films that focus on the bond between humans and their dogs. Rescued by Ruby has an added emotional resonance because the film’s main characters, both human and canine, see one another as their last chance to find meaning and acceptance in their lives as they join a K-9 search and rescue team.

Though some plot elements are predictable, the human cast’s performances, as well as the heartfelt nature of the story, make it a fitting tribute to the beautiful relationship between dogs and humans.

Family Camp

Not Currently Available for Streaming

Family Camp is the type of comedy film that is intended to be enjoyed by the entire family. As the title suggests, it follows a family who attends a church camp in the hopes of growing closer to one another, only to encounter a series of mishaps once there. It follows many of the beats that one would expect from a family comedy of this type, rarely deviating from them.

The profound bond that exists between the family members, as well as the obvious chemistry among the various members of the cast, help to elevate this to one of the best family movies of 2022.

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Better Nate Than Ever

Disney+ Streaming

Many great musical films have been made, many of which capture the joy and fun of life. Better Nate Than Ever is one of these, focusing on a young man named Nate who aspires to be a Broadway star. It’s a film that understands how to hit the genre’s right notes, combining its modern elements (particularly the acceptance of LGBTQ+ people) with the old-fashioned pleasures associated with the musical form.

With its central message of acceptance, it exemplifies the musical form’s enduring power.

Turning Red

Disney+ Streaming

Pixar is known for many great films, and Turning Red is sure to be one of them. It has all of the magic one would expect from the studio, focusing on a young Canadian girl who discovers she has inherited her family’s mystical connection with the red panda.

The dialogue is brilliant, but more importantly, it delves into the kinds of serious issues that Pixar fans have come to expect, such as mother-daughter relationships, the trials of adolescence, and the immigrant experience.

Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Disney+ Streaming

This is a golden age for live-action remakes of classic Disney films, but Chip ‘n Dale stands out because it is a remake of a relatively obscure television show. More importantly, it’s a very clever film, with subtle jabs at Disney’s expense. It’s yet another example of the studio’s ability to make extensive use of its own properties to entertain both new audiences and millennials nostalgic for their youth.

It also has fantastic voice work from Andy Samberg and John Mulaney, as well as a large cast of supporting actors.

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Home Team

Netflix Streaming

Kevin James is without a doubt one of Hollywood’s most talented comedic actors, and he always brings his own unique charm to his roles. This is certainly true in Home Team, in which he plays an NFL coach who takes on coaching his teenage son’s team while suspended from his own. James excels at turning a fish out of water story into something truly hilarious.

Furthermore, it features strong performances from the cast’s younger members.

Tyson’s Run

Not Currently Available for Streaming

Tyson’s Run is remarkable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it features an autistic main character, a young man who aspires to be a successful marathon runner. Furthermore, it transcends the boundaries of a typical sports film.

This is due in large part to the power of Major Dodson as Tyler, who is autistic in real life. It becomes a very moving film due to its skill in combining the sports and family elements of its story.

The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild

Disney+ Streaming

The Ice Age series is one of the most well-known animated series. Though Buck was only a supporting character in later instalments of the series, he finally gets his own spotlight in this film, which follows more of his adventures.

Though the animation style isn’t quite as polished as the other series’ instalments, there’s no doubt that the film succeeds in large part due to Simon Pegg’s dynamic voice performance as the title character.

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