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When it comes to the most popular and massive torrent site Extratorrents is the best that caters to the movie lovers’ full packet of entertainment.  Along with advanced search engine functionality, it has some unique features that make it more popular to enjoy all types of movies without losing your pocket.

Along with tons of content, movies, music, Sports and many more are available here to starve the lust of its users.

Unfortunately, the Extratorrent site is blocked in many countries due to copyright infringement and is destroyed in 2017. 

After the shutdown of the extratorrent site, the users get disappointed as none of the torrent is like Extratorrents. The owners of extratorrents don’t get down as they serve all the content of this site from other proxy or mirror sites.

Are you eager to know how Extratorrents can be unblocked? 

Well ! we are here to guide you on the methods to unblock Extratorrents. `

The best way to unblock Extratorrent is by using the mirror sites of Extratorrents. Now proceed with the introduction of extratorrent proxy sites.


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 About Extratorrent Proxy

Because of its amazing features, it became famous in a very short period, and tons of traffic is notice on this site. That’s why it comes in the specs of the government and gets down completely.

Extratorrents managed to offer you all the content with the Extratorrent proxy site.

The Extratorrents proxy site is similar in service as well as functionality and is the most genuine site to unblock any of the torrent sites like Extratorrents.

However, Extratorrents serves as before by changing its URL which is know as Extratorrents proxy or mirror sites.

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Some Best Extratorrent Proxy Sites to Unblock it in 2022

Among all the proxy sites Extratorrents. cc is the most famous as it has an incredible amount of entertainment material stuffed with it that allows you to find your favorite and download it to enjoy. 

Here is the list of some other replica sites of Extratorrent

  • Extratorrent.net
  • Extra torrents.ch
  • Extra torrents.cc
  • Extra torrent .st
  • Extra torrent-cc.com
  • Extratorrent. Proxyninja.net
  • Extratorrent Proxy 11
  • Extratorrent proxy12
  • Extratorrent proxy 1
  • Extratorrent proxy 2
  • Extratorrent.cool


If you are the one who is looking for the Extratorrent parent site to unblock, don’t get disappoint as these proxy sites will take you to the parent website by other 


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 To get the content of the parent Extratorrent site you just need to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that will help you in hiding your identity and you will not get catch up.

How to Unblock ExtraTorrent Proxy by Using Proxy Server?

What Happened to Extratorrent AG Website?

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