Trulicity (dulaglutide)

The safety and effectiveness of Trulicity (dulaglutide) injection in patients with diabetes is still under debate. However, this drug is generally well tolerated. A clinical study in healthy volunteers found that TRULICITY has a very low occurrence of adverse reactions and is well tolerated in patients with type 2 diabetes and moderate to severe renal impairment. Patients with renal impairment should be evaluated for sensitivity to the drug and the risk of hepatic dysfunction.

Trulicity (dulaglutide) is a colorless, clear solution that contains either 0.75 mg or 1.5 mg of dulaglutide. It also contains citric acid anhydrous, mannitol, polysorbate 80, and trisodium citrate dihydrate. It is used to improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes and to reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events, such as heart disease and stroke.

Despite the promising results of the study, some serious side effects have been reported in clinical trials of TRULICITY. In some cases, patients experienced severe systemic hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis, lip swelling, or urticaria. As such, patients who have experienced these effects should discontinue Trulicity (dulaglutide) or seek medical attention immediately. Similarly, people with aneurysms should be cautious when using Trulicity (dulaglutide).

A single dose of Trulicity is administered once a week. The injection site is rotated each week. It can be given with or without food. The injection site can be located anywhere in the abdomen or upper arm. It is best to rotate the injection sites as repeated injections may lead to complications. In addition, Trulicity (dulaglutide) is an injectable medication, which means that you must have a healthcare provider’s supervision.

While many side effects of Trulicity will subside after a couple of days, some may persist for weeks. A few serious side effects of TRULICITY have been reported, including acute and chronic renal failure. While these events are not common, they should be reported to your healthcare provider. If you experience any of these side effects, contact 911 immediately. For more information, visit Trulicitity.

Trulicity (dulaglutide) was well tolerated in a study of 423 patients with type 2 diabetes. In the study, severe hypoglycemia occurred in 2.7% of patients when administered with prandial insulin. This is significantly higher than in patients treated with basal insulin glargine. In addition, Trulicity (dulaglutide) can interact with other medications. It is important to discuss with your doctor the side effects and safety of Trulicity (dulaglutide) Injection before starting a new treatment regimen.

Patients should read the Trulicity (dulaglutide) Medication Guide and Instructions for Use before starting treatment. In addition, patients should notify their healthcare provider if they experience any unusual symptoms, or if their known symptoms persist or worsen. Blood glucose levels and HbA1c levels should be monitored periodically to assess response to Trulicity (dulaglutide) Injection for diabetes.

The dosage of Trulicity 1.5mg Pre-Filled Pen depends on the individual patient’s condition and other medications he or she is taking. The dose is usually 0.75mg once a week, but can be increased to 1.5mg, 3mg, and 4.5mg after four weeks. It is important to consult your healthcare provider if you experience any unusual symptoms or develop an allergic reaction to the drug.


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